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Mafia's Daughter: Operation Makeover

Alt Names: alt ปฏิบัติการแปลงโฉมลูกสาวเจ้าพ่อ
Author: Moname
Artist: Katin
Genres: Comedy ComedySchool Life School Life
Type: Other
Status: Ongoing
Description: Original Webtoon:
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Title Group Contributor Date
Ch.5: The Rumor Spreader
LOLScans Marzia 6 days ago
Ch.4: The Big Battle
LOLScans Marzia 6 days ago
Ch.3: Dry and Damage Hair will Drown
LOLScans Marzia 6 days ago

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I mostly agree. Except for the guys hitting on her. The guys in chapter 4 all seem to be pretty chill about getting beaten up and don't seem to like her any less, so I'm a bit more cool with them.
Literally everyone but the MC is unlikable.
All the guys aggressively hit on her, but blames her when things go wrong.
The teachers dont even care what MC has to say
And that stupid little squirrel spreading wildfire rumors.
Shes the journalism president and the teachers believe her when she says she knows nothing?

Woohoo! It's back!

Is it really ? These chapters are from past year. It just never got uploaded here.

Woohoo! It's back!

Funny as of now lol.


Followed & thanks for translating!

Roti? Did that paper mentioned Roti? I'm hungry for Roti now.

So let me guess, he turned her into a bishoujo with nothing but brush and a hairdryer?


I wanted to seeeeeeeeee

That has to be the WORST first meetings between a pair of people who may or may not become involved with each other. I mean, first he calls her a monster out of a horror movie, then he drive kicks a ball into her face and she falls into a river! No wonder she tramples him on the cover while wielding a pair of guns!


Well, she has to have some charm somewhere to make up for not only her minus ten million girl power, but her almost total lack of figure. (looks like she may have a decent rear, judging by the cover art) Speaking of cover art, that is not how one handles a pair of pistols. Her fingers should be laying on the sides of the trigger guards, not whatever it is she is doing.


Also, love that news paper article!

Ha. Ha. Ha. So. Funny.

Has potential, I'm in!

Wow an actual Thai Manga.  Now thats not something you see everyday.  Let's hope its good!

This looks funny. I'm in.

Woah ...more like

pffft should I really put a spoiler into this.? xD

I wonder if Mekh will become a mechanic or an engineer specialised in designing mechs.

hairy legs...ball-kicking sport


hairy legs...

Damn that ball kicking sport.

That name reminds me of the hand egg sport.

Damn that ball kicking sport.

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