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Alt Names: alt マギalt Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Author: Ohtaka Shinobu
Artist: Ohtaka Shinobu
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyFantasy FantasyShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Deep within the deserts lie the mysterious Dungeons, vast stores of riches open for the taking by anyone lucky enough to find them and brave enough to venture into the depths from where few have ever returned. Plucky young adventurer Aladdin means to find the Dungeons and their riches, but Aladdin may be just as mysterious as the treasures he seeks. Together with the Djinn Ugo and his friend, Alibaba, Aladdin sets out to find his fortune in the depths of the endless dunes…

Won the 59th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen category.

> Magi - Sinbad no Bouken (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/adventure-of-sinbad-r8536)
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Title Group Contributor Date
Ch.354: Đêm thứ 354: Cuộc chiến bảo vệ trần gian.
Wicked House Translation leduyvu A day ago
Ch.353: Đêm thứ 353: Thu hồi Rukh
Wicked House Translation leduyvu A week ago
Ch.351: Đêm thứ 351: Ma pháp đưa thế giới trở về Rukh
Wicked House Translation leduyvu 3 weeks ago
Ch.350: Đêm thứ 350: Việc bất khả thi
Wicked House Translation leduyvu 4 weeks ago
Ch.349: Đêm thứ 349: Nhân loại bị cuốn vào
Wicked House Translation leduyvu 4 weeks ago

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@VanderDeckenIX lol, it seems so... There are so many kings in that manga that I didn't expect such answer from Alibaba xD

i meant [ spoiler ]... [ / spoiler ] (without the space in the bracket obviously)
lol people ... everyone making the wrong spoiler tag ... it's
.... that's totally written beside the submit button :|
@Kamidori what are you talking about? Sinbad must've worked his way into that princess already.
lol , ahmad-the typical fail stupid king . his way of looking down on Alibaba piss me off.[/spoiler] My next guess is bishounen Sinbad will come and may our a princess's heart sway completely and she will step down blushing!
NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE EPIC. the princess will see that
[spoiler] her fiance is such a short, fat useless pig and feel revolted and kick his stupid ass LOL [spoiler]
I think.
Of the fuck course Magi is gonna get anime ...... that's like ....i already know from reading the first ten chapters =))
that is cool to know aayush, Magi anime ftw!
@Vigne: I know, hence why I said it likely won't turn out that way.
Magi getting anime proof :
not really .... considering alibaba's personality i think he would just cancel the whole thing and then sinbad arrive to get the princess
When did this become SO EPIC?!
aw man another cliifhanger ending >.< thank god sense-scans is pretty fast with this =D

sinbad, lady killer of the seven seas. ;D
sigh... i know i was wrong ... but can you at least spell my name right ... it's viGNe not viNGe .... thanks
A user posted an inappropriately large/irrelevant picture and other users started a conversation regarding it. The correct place to report problems is via the "Report Problems with Chapter/Comic" button located up top, not via discussion in the comments section.

Comments relating to this incident have been removed or edited. User has been officially warned for cursing at another user.
also i hope that princess turn out to be good and elope with sinbad or something ... she's cute.....
Ah the typical princess not knowing who her husband-to-be look like only to find out that he's a short, stubby, fat bastard that even degrading a pig to call him a pig.
........................................................................................................... =_=;; It kills me when characters ruin a plan, but meh :P Watcha gonna do? WE DUN GOT TIME TO LISTEN TO PLANS *rolls eyes* >->
totally AWESOME
Pardon my french, but-- *ahem*-- ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME, ALIBABA
oh ? sorry? i thought that was suppose to be a funny face..... anyway .... FCK YEAH.... Al found his confidence and ready to ROCK
omg......... that scared me, vigne XDDD

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