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Mahoutsukai no Neko

Alt Names: alt 魔法使いの猫alt 魔法使的猫alt Mahou Tsukai no Nekoalt The Wizard's Cat
Author: KIKUTA Yui
Artist: KIKUTA Yui
Genres: Adventure AdventureFantasy FantasyJosei JoseiSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Rio is a 14 year old boy with no particular special traits, except his burning love for books. He’s awkward and considered odd at best by his peers. Rio also has a twin brother, Mao. Although they look alike, they couldn’t be more different. Mao is good at everything, popular, and has future plans to have a big, happy family. Despite their differences, the brothers are close.

One day, when Rio attempts to retrieve a cat that wandered into the street, he is hit by a car right in front of his brother’s eyes. Everything fades to black. In the darkness, a voice offers a choice: to live or to die. Fading rapidly, Rio gives the obvious answer: to live! Turns out this was quite the loaded proposition.

Rio awakens in a world filled with foreigners and strange animals he’s never seen before. That’s not the only odd thing–Rio now has the form of a black cat! He quickly learns cats are revered in this world because of their special role as familiars of wizards.
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more on mangahere tbh also its a guy and this isnt a romance one aswell

Gender-less freak then... good to know.

Shoujo-Sense put up this series off.Chapter 4 is already out. And since they don't allow host. Please go to their website to
download it ^^~
Wondering if its weekly or monthly o-o I realli like
@Nfsu221 :D With the tags, the characters, the mangaka's track record and the plot (the way things are going), are you seriously saying that?
The plot has potential but a dumb book work is really dissapointing.
I hope this doesn't end up being some kind of shounen ai.
nice to see it updating, however patience is always a virtue when it comes to series like these...or if you're ADHD like me, just keep up with a hundred other series in the meantime :P
it seems very interesting but i wonder why i can't find any info about its release times? oh well i am enthusiastically waiting for the next chapter whenever it is released (hopefully soon) :)
Indeed its excelent
God i want more XDDD
404... priceless
ch2 404 warning. Hmm I tried to go to Kawaii Corner's livejournal & crunchyroll forum but couldn't find anything about recent updates o_O
Seems like this is going to be a fun manga. xD
Its intresting
Tsundere alert.
wonder what the release rate is for this haha
The art's quite nice and the story seems interesting so far. Looking forward to more. c:

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