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Mai Ball!

Alt Names: alt マイぼーる!alt My Ball!
Author: Inoue Sora
Artist: Inoue Sora
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Mai has been helping out her childhood friend, Kunimitsu, every morning with football practice ever since they were little. After years of practice, Kunimitsu has been MVP 2 years in a row at the middle school nationals. One day, Reika - one of Kunimitsu's admirers - witnesses the two childhood friends practicing, and is shocked by Mai's ability to keep up. Determined to prove herself to Kunimitsu, Reika challenges Mai to a football challenge!

Caught between her childhood crush and new competition, will Mai be able to hold her composure? With a tendency to get too nervous or fantasize about Kunimitsu, Mai has a hard time playing football outside of practice. Can she stop her lewd fantasies long enough to beat Reika? [Kamas]
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Ch.82: I'm a Forward!
Wazawahi Wazawahi 4 days ago
Ch.81: My Allies, My Enemies…!
Wazawahi & Knightkeb Projects knightkeb 4 weeks ago

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Oh my, what a nice row of asses...

The face of true determination


desire to kidnap protect intensifies

A team Chidori hugging session was well worth the wait ;)

finally. Thanks!

Worth the wait.

And it's back. :D

*still fucking waiting*

Anyone knows when the next chapter is released?

*still waiting*

I feel ya brothar

*still waiting*

I get that the author needs to build drama and make us readers hate the antagonists/sympathize with the main girls, but that was just ridiculous.

I don't think the author was trying to make us hate the antagonist since he does make their opponents likable most of the time, but rather this is the 1st time Mai played someone like this (remember that she's actually the main character) and he wants to show how it's gonna affect her.

Seriously, guys.... we were given a preview about how these two girls operate in a disadvantageous street soccer match. You REALLY didn't expect them to pull off this same crap in a proper match?


If the author foreshadows a, then b is bound to happen. It's a trope, but I forgot which one.


In an unofficial match with no refs. And the shit they pulled there was no where near as blatant as straight up divekicking another player straight in the chest.

I got given David Squires' wonderful The Illustrated History of Football for Christmas, and who knew there was a historical precedent for that goal?


I like how the referee is useless and sees nothing, like the real one in the FIFA. What a piece of junk.

The fuck did you do to my little angel you piece of shit?!?!?

holy fk. i dont think ive ever been this angry at a manga before. no ref is that incompetent

I just hope these two won't be redeemed, I want some visible comeuppance.

Santa Chidori, tho.


"Weirdly, it suits them?"


Nothing weird about it at all! Definitely cute =03. The artist knows how to design good fashion; the singular sock over the garter + thigh-high leggings complements the short-santa shorts very well, not to mention the lacy breast garment under the santa vest.... exceptional =03!


That santa Mitsu reminds me a lot of this:



guys i'm gonna be real with you. even tho i'm angry as f**k as well.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty triggered too >=01. Half because of the opponents tactics, and the other half being that the Mai and Mitsu aren't playing properly like they should. I really hope it doesn't take long for them to get their s*** in order =01.

This isn't football so I'm not all that impressed.




If anything, this looks like rugby.


Santa Chidori, tho.



Christmas came early boys n girls! My kokoro can't keep up with all the tension though.

Such an evil chapter but such a cute Chidori santa

I'm more surprised that none of the players, coachees (kunimitsu) try to change the decision of the referee because that was a foul. What kind of referee would allow a play where a player just dived with studs in front on ball that was already on the chest lvl of a player who was already on the ground, in the off chance that ball were to bounce she would kick her in the chest with studs.


Author is seriously building the drama while omitting real life logic, i assumed from previous chapters that author at least tried to keep everything on quite logical and plausible level, i was wrong.

guys i'm gonna be real with you. even tho i'm angry as f**k as well.
sometimes, you get shit ref's (altho it seems to happen in EVERY match with this manga)
Prime example, we had our grand final in ice hockey a week or so ago and as one of our players was in the attacking half he got sticked to the knees as he was going down goal keeper comes out of his crease and cross-checks him from the front and our guy goes down. Our player was naturally pissed and dropped his stick and started to retaliate (as well as the rest of us). ref's stopped the fight and called a timeout to discuss what happened and ...no penalties were called.



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