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Maigo no Obakeyashiki

Alt Names: alt 迷子のお化け屋敷alt Haunted House of the Lost
Author: Chiyori
Artist: Chiyori
Genres: Mystery MysteryOneshot OneshotRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A girl is bored of her unchanging peaceful life, and goes to a house that is considered haunted. She meets a boy there instead of ghosts.
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Wtf is this..

I mean as a whole there nothing really terrible, but yeah the romance development was so random.

Idk, united in a tragic house, but does love sprout suddenly from that?

It's not romantic at all meeting at a sad haunted house anyways.

Maybe a chaptered short story might convince me otherwise but, Pass this one.

It was alright. I liked liked the female lead. The art is pretty and consistent. The only thing is that the character development felt really out of left field. It probably could have used more pages. 

Haha... people are saying they see this serialized? I, on the other hand, think this is a perfectly balanced story for a oneshot. :3 (What more is there to say about them? Don't tell me you just wanna see them kiss and have jealousy-drama and all that shôjo-cliché culture festivals and fireworks? Hehe. xD)
It's done by a rookie, to boot! : D

Opal is very happy to have picked this for a read. <3
Pretty nice, the characters feel like real thinking humans for once, then there's both love and grievance in the right sort of balance.

Too bad this is only a one-shot. There would be definite potential in this as a longer story.
I can totally understand the main girl's desire to find something beyond ordinary life. To see something past this boring droll world... that's a totally normal feeling, I think. And the way the story leads her and Yoh to resolution on both their sides is great.

Not bad. Not bad at all.
and a one-shot
Pretty Decent, not sure what to make of it since its still Chapter 00

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