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Mako to Aki-chan no Koigokoro

Alt Names: alt マコとアキちゃんの恋心
Author: Meguro Amu
Artist: Meguro Amu
Genres: Romance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: This is the story about the talented swimmer Mako and the careless Aki-chan. What will happen between us since they are completely different? Mako loves that womanizer of Aki-chan and then she confessed to him “please, let me became a special person for you”. But isn’t Mako a little bit too positive…?
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I'm really liking this mangaka's works. Low level drama, and everything is just so cute without being 'in your face'

these were all cute but THE THIRD COUPLE WAS BY FAR THE CUTEST WOW i think some flowers just bloomed in my heart i love Meguro Amu's stuff so much

glomp :D

This manga is literally fluffy.

Two cute little stories.  After ch 2 I was thinking "Don't know where they'll take this now, it seems like just a cute, slightly longer one-shot, but there's another chapter and it's ongoing"--and then ch 3 was totally separate.  Maybe it's actually oneshots?

Well, anyway, fun.  And perhaps the least annoying "playboy" character I've ever seen.

The art is adorable!! I also love how positive and straightforward Mako is. In chapter 2,
Unfortunately, the plot doesn't appeal to me as much as everything else does.

cute little story.

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