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Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to 2

Alt Names: alt マンガ家さんとアシスタントさんと2
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiHarem HaremRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: It starts where the last season ended, Aito and Ashisu meet their new assistant. The entry of a new member. What kind of story can she make out of Aito and Ashisu's life?


> Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/mangaka-san-to-assistant-san-to-r258 )
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What a shitty ending for this series, making something like this after over 160 chapters. It actually made me sad.

Anybody got a link to the scanlator's site for this series?


It's been DMCA'd here at Batoto.


'doh ... Visit "Madman Scans" site of course ... *x* ...

Anybody got a link to the scanlator's site for this series?


It's been DMCA'd here at Batoto.

The manga ended fast,


mainly because Ashisu herself can't really be a funny character to keep the manga interesting,

which is why the author keeps on bringing back Aito as comedy topics.

In which case... this isn't an actual "season 2 with Ashisu as main character" but just a continuation of season 1 as Aito starts from supporting character and ends as main character... lol

When Aito bowed down, I was honestly expecting him to pull Ashisu's skirt/panties down. Whelps, didn't happen as well as the romance I hoped for in S2.

Perfect end... yet...


no more antics of Aito and Ashisu ;_;

it hurts

it hurts ;_;

What. I don't think this was axed at all. All the chapter here is just enough to make a volume, which make it seems like an extra for the fans. Like Hollow Ataraxia to Fate/Stay Night.

Even if it axed(which i highly doubt), well since this is a gag manga, there isn't much of it to rage on. And Ashisu, the main heroine(whos name are always there in the title and i don't even realize after the prequel ended) was present in the last chapter, with a slight hinting that she might into Aito after all even after all the display of cold demeanor and cockblock dated back since the prequel. Man i was like, your effort was not in vain after all Aito TT^TT *tearsofhappiness.jpg*. And that wasn't even a bad ending.

Unlike some manga ending though...

plot twist:


that is  ashisu litle sister



Please let this series have a part 3. Please gimme back my Sena.


Honestly every girl(and the trap editor) is better than Ashisu, at least the others try to be with Aito, Ashisu maybe have feelings for him but keeps them so under wrap is not even funny. I hate loli tsundere but even Sena is better.

If this was planned, why would they bother making these 10 chapters a sequel to a 151 chapter manga where they change almost nothing and do almost nothing?

Still, thanks to those who worked on this. I really appreciate it.

plot twist:


wtf its ended already.


This is the end of it? No season 3 or anything?

No axing here yo

Ended like the Batman. With an axe.



Well, let's face it, Aito antics were already growing old. Sure it was funny for the first 80 chapters or so, but the sequel basically distilled much of the funny moments (basically all the other mangaka and editors) and left Aito doing what he does ever since chapter 1. I had much bigger hopes but it ended too soon for this sequel even dent an interest.


I sure hope Hiroyuki next work is on par with his legendary memes, Doujin Work, and the first Mangaka-san.

Those editors, fuck them. How come this went for years in that other magazine for years and in this one it ran for only 10 months?

The ending wasn't satisfying at all....

This reminds me of what happened to the Sumire 17 sai Manga. 


Sequels that end too soon; even if they were basically, identical to the first manga/prequel and have less satisfying ends. 

Thanks for your work in this manga, I expected it to be longer than this, it is a shame that it ended with so few chapters, the typical open ending of this manga was not too bad since there was never some kind of plot that was developed throughout the story that required some kind of closure but I would have liked to see a little more development between the protagonist and some of the other girls (Like Sena and Mihari, my favourite ones) since pretty much a good deal of the gags of the story were centred and based on the premise that Ashisu would never reciprocate Aito's feelings, so any development with her would not have some deep impact in the overall theme of the manga . Thanks again and great work  

What!? Noooooo I refuse to accept this!!!

what the fuck man.

meh. I know it's a gag comedy but I was expecting to see some kind of development with the relationships of the characters (besides sena). I really would be happy if this transitioned to a 16-19 page full comic. I mean the first one was a 4 koma and now we have 'normal' panels.

Honestly, it ended too soon for me. I was waiting for a full blown story.


I'll just go re-read the prequel...


the author probably completely forgotten her..

Happens a lot

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