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Maru Maru Se Yo! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokai

Alt Names: alt ○○ Seyo!! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokaialt ○○せよ!! 戦国学園生徒会alt Maru Maru Se Yo! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokaialt Maru Maru Seyo!! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokaialt OO Seyo!! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokaialt Seyo!! Sengoku Gakuen Seitokai
Author: SHIINA Ayumi (2)
Artist: SHIINA Ayumi (2)
Genres: Comedy ComedyHistorical HistoricalSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: This manga takes place in a school where the students are based on famous shoguns in Japanese history. Sengoku Gakuen was once like a normal school but Oda Nobunaga, the student president overthrew the teachers and practically made them powerless. He built a school of the students, for the students and by the students. Nobunaga eventually graduated and left Hideyoshi in charge as the student president. However, Hideyoshi soon drops out of school to help Nobunaga rule Japan as he ruled Sengoku Gakuen.

The story picks up here as there is a battle between Ishida Mitsunari, an uptight and conservative, yet hardworking boy, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, the temporary school president who has lots of followers, fighting for the school president seat. We also see other famous figures as fellow students such as Ootani Yoshitsugu who is loyally following Mitsunari and Oichi, Nobunaga’s younger sister. Who will win the student body president position and take command of the school?
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Hm i think it's interesting.
so is Otani a guy or a girl??
And very boring man.... next pls
this manga is very historically inaccurate
"Please do not upload our releases to any manga aggregator site. This includes MangaFox, Mangareader, Mangahere, etc. Please do not support these sites in any way as the use the work of many mangaka for their own profit." from Fallen Syndicate sites.. I think this is their new policy :| .. for now, I'll unapprove all of their chapters until further confirmation. Sorry for the inconvenience
wha ..... what the helll......... compare this manga mitsunari ishida with this mitsunari ishida http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110326150342/sengokubasara/images/d/db/IshidaMitsunari.png
something dies within me....
Putting historical shoguns into school life, somehow it bored me...?

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