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Alt Names: alt Money Ace X
Author: HUH Gook Hwa
Artist: BAK Kyung Lan
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: A school where the students make their own riches. From Models to Computer Geniuses, These students get rich on their own. Namu goes to a school where all the elite get idolized by the non-elite. Never making it easy to get to school on time, Namu is soon helped by a new transfer student. Who gets categorized as an elite almost immediately?
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Yep I can only agree the fact that
made this one for me extremly
memorable and is the reason why I like to come back to it
time and time again

Investor Z seems similar

This isn't an amazing story, or anything, but there's something very remarkable about it that I'm going to remember for a long time: the shojo protagonist being used and mistreated by the pretty boy hero is not treated as an appealing relationship quirk, and forgiveness is not taken lightly.


Just think about that, though. One of the most human and healthy approaches to righteous anger for one's own sake you're likely to come across in a manga, and it's all based on a ridiculous money-making ability, a top-secret school club, and a dumb character gimmick like "this girl really likes meat". It's absurd. It doesn't fit the tone of the story at all. It doesn't even feel like two parts of the same manga.

And yet, I kind of love the idea that it doesn't matter if it's out of character for you, or if the cause is something that seems weird and silly, or that you were in love with the person, or if you should've known better than to be manipulated in such a way, or that it wouldn't have happened if you were smarter or savvier or more confident in yourself. Even if all those things are true, if someone hurts you, you're allowed to be angry. You're worth at least that much. And you owe nobody your forgiveness, not on anyone's terms but your own. That's a pretty good message for a silly little story about money and meat.

A feel good ending... not really the best ending... but still good.

Ah at least it didn't leave a bitter taste in my mouth. If it had ended with chap 20.. yeah that would have been rough.

I'm glad it had a proper ending.  I would have liked it if there was more to it though.

Completely forgot about this. Aaaaand three years later the last chapter comes out. Hurray for completeness?
Huh...so there was more...but now I forgot the story...meh was not as memorable though


Aren't they just on hiatus or something? This is too good to end!!! 

Any news on possible updates? 

and wait just a second: did tae-hu even smile once? -_-
whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ._. No no no no! D: This series is way too awesome to end now!
It was an awesome idea. I just wish the series was longer.
A very abrupt ending. And what's with the question at the end: " will it really end like this?" I hope that 'soon to be released' sidestory reveales a bit more. Otherwise it's not a bad manhwa.
...that's...it? What the ****!?
Loved all the expressions they used in here and the personality she got towards the end, though how she got it was cruel. All in All one of the best manhwas I've ever read.
o.o what happend?? this is the ending???, ok yes it´s the ending, ¬¬ well, then move to another one ~(-3-)~ =^..^=
i thought i would be more than 20 chapter o.0
Is chapt 20 really the end? I dont think it would I mean unless the side story or what ever shows them about the school closing or them preventing it from closing, if not thats a bad ending lol
Chap 20 is up!!!
my how I wish shojou Manwha are drawn like this...the ones usually made have sparkle eyes which I can't stand
I'm really loving this manhwa.

It's up there with my favorite series.

Keep 'em coming ^^.

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