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Mayoke no Darling

Alt Names: alt 魔除けのダーリン
Author: OKUYAMA Puku
Artist: OKUYAMA Puku
Genres: Romance RomanceShounen Ai Shounen AiSlice of Life Slice of LifeYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: At the university's badminton club's freshmen welcome party, everyone is scared stiff when the scary-looking Tougo introduces himself. The fearless (or maybe just clueless) freshmen Haruka ends up sharing a taxi home with Tougo... and while everyone else trembles in fear before him, Haruka finds him handsome.

From Girls' Generation Scanlations:
After attending a new member welcome party for his badminton club, freshman Haruka takes a taxi home with his senpai, the extremely scary-looking Tougo! Everyone’s scared stiff of Tougo, but the naturally airheaded Haruka just thinks Tougo is handsome. On the other hand, Tougo, who’s self-conscious about his looks, begins to grow fond of Haruka, who isn’t scared of Tougo at all. Tougo just can’t leave the clumsy Haruka alone. Tougo wants to do something to help Haruka out, so one day, Tougo tells him, “Go out with me”...?!
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when it has been so long that i have to go to the series page to find out what exactly was updated before i read the update lol 

Super cute.

This is cute af. Please don't give up on this. >_<

Aaaah~ After more than a year, this has been picked up! Thanks GG!


Uweehee it's still as adorable as I remember

Love the art. Looking forward to this one. Thanks for uploading it.

ah, so good... so good. i'm excited for this one.


Looks great. Thanks for sharing. <3

yay <3 i was waiting for it for a loong time <3 thank you soo much 

waiting for a new chapters :3

Sorry guys! I forgot a page... I fixed it now! >.<

wow! it's shounen-ai! yay!! i wonder if there'll be download link put in the lj in the future.. hope its ok to comment that way. :P


No kidding, what was your first clue? The shonen-ai tag or the yaoi one?

and great


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