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Men's Kou

Alt Names: alt 型男高中alt メンズ校alt 남학교alt Men's Schoolalt Men’s Goualt Mens Koualt Seiho Boys' High School!alt Seiho High School Boysalt Seiho High School Men's!!!
Author: IZUMI Kaneyoshi
Artist: IZUMI Kaneyoshi
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Five minute walk to the sea. The closest train station takes 50 minutes by car. Famous private dormitory male high school Seihou is located in that super remote place. What will happen at that place where men are crazy for love?!
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Hahahaha, I liked this new ending xD
Thanks for all of the scanlations up until now Transcendence Scans!

aww it's over? I was hoping to see them graduate~ 
thank you for your hard work 

it's a manga I enjoyed reading :)

Now a thank you for Transcendence for the work!!

-deep breath- Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why did it have to end Q.Q!?! I 

Well.  So that's it.  I can't make up my mind about this ending.  It's oddly appropriate in some ways . . . but it feels kind of empty . . . but it feels like it ought to feel kind of empty . . . I dunno.

this manga makes me happy and gooey inside

I think that it was more like she was talking to him and felt she couldn't tell Maki about whatever but still.     He deserves a lot better than someone who doesn't think he'll understand. 

What a waste. It kind of feels like the author just got tired of his own story and decided to troll everyone. 

Takano's just as bad.  


I totally agree.

I mean, I am trying not to spoil specific events or what happened but this is just disappointing and all I'm left with is regret. The regret just grows when you liked or enjoyed something much more.




I really enjoyed the chapters so far, the characters were great but the ending and last chapters are the worst which are filled with regret and a sour after taste.

Takano's just as bad.  


Kamiki is the worst! Even if you are trying to be a nice guy.... being nice without awareness is the same as genocide!

I mean, even hitler thought he was doing "nice" things.... "the only thing i can do..." and does the worst thing.


I wish Maki'd beat the crap out of Kamiki to make him get a breath of reality.

arrghh im pressing the wrong button reading chapter 29 made my lunch tasted like a shit ... 

>reads ch. 29

>reads the spoiler


If um... Anyone wants the last volume spoiled, ughhhhhh... Just click the spoiler button below (ONLY IF YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED I AM WARNING YOU!!!!!!!!!!)


Anyways, this manga was awesome!!!!!! I absolutely loved it, full of comedy, drama (but not over the top), and of course romance!


Whoa, wait half a minute, what was that stinger at the end of ch. 28?  That better get cleaned up fast.

i find myself wondering what maki would say to that.

Whoa, wait half a minute, what was that stinger at the end of ch. 28?  That better get cleaned up fast.


thanks a lot for the update!!!
I needed to find this again. So glad I did.

Hey there. Anybody wanna take this up?

This is great! I can't remember who persuaded me to take a look at it, but they knew what they were talking about.
Is the guy terminally ill with having a cold? heck people act like that when they have severe bleeding...
at first i thought it was a yaoi thing
but damn this is full of LOL and thank god no yaoi
I swear, I'm never going to Japan. You catch a Japanese cold, and your ass is probably going to DIE. Only the Japanese have the fortitude to survive one, and even then, they are out for days and weeks.

Well, either that, or they are normal colds and the Japanese have immune systems that consist of a sheet of wet notebook paper and a broken flyswatter.

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