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Mirror Girl

Alt Names: alt 거울아씨전alt Görselikiz Efsanesialt Lady Mirroralt Legend of the Lady Mirroralt Mirror Girlalt The Legend of Lady Mirroralt The Legend of the Lady Mirror
Author: Fantasy Turtle
Artist: Fantasy Turtle
Genres: Action ActionMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy TragedyWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Doppelgangers. Mice that take the form of humans. With murderous intent, the look-alikes and the originals are both pressured to fight in their own ways. After an ambiguous event in their lives, Ji-Suk and So-Hee's love life has been shattered. While trying to reconcile with her, Ji-Suk meets her look-alike, and that's how this story starts. What will he do when he, too, has a look-alike destined to kill him? And what's the secret So-Hee will never tell?

Tanıtım: Orjinallerini öldürme içgüdüleriyle yaşayan görsel ikizler, Do Jin-Wook ve kız arkadaşı Jung So-Hee'nin hayatında önemli izler bırakacaktır.

Original webcomic: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/mirror_girl
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Here's the solution to getting rid of freckles :P



I am glad I read this. This is super cute and the ending is the best I could have hoped for.


Completely satisfied! :D

Ending was a really satisfying tearjerker. I love this!

This was gorgeous.

Random. I'm so happy, I just clicked random and this came up and I Said what the hell. I just read it. I loved it. I was hoping for this ending since chapter 5 and it came about!

Such a great idea and ending. I found that the kitchen knife was a pretty common accessory fighting with and against doppelgangers. 

Ending was kinda unsatisfying =/

Really short, but really good. :)

Wow, unexpected plot twist near the ending. It was a thoroughly enjoyed series with a satisfying ending ^^
That was a good ending and a great twist. One thing I love about online-based manhwas is that they always have the best stories to tell.
That was good! I don't think it could have ended any better.
A really amazing, good read. Time well spent!
Such a sad, and yet, happy, ending. ^_^
This manga/manhwa is simply astounding.
Respect for this story and author... Almost made me shed tears.
Isn't this less about dopplegangers and more about changing ones self. Maybe we all secretly kill ourselves when we want to make a change?
Beautiful take on the doppelganger mith:)
Pretty good. I wish there was a genre for short stories here.
very good. good plot and a good ending :D love it
A happy ending. ^^
A great series.
and THAT is the secret to immortality...

...if only Lord Voldemort knew. ^^

jokes aside, Mirror Girl's a good read [moreso that it's already complete now] :)
Well I got to admit, chapter 22 surprised me more then any moment in recent history.


And the ending was great.


The ending is not that Bad, it's really a great ending. But what happened to the guy's Doppelganger? :o
Finding solace amid great tragedies. A most poignant ending indeed.

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