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Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai

Alt Names: alt 虽说是未成年,但可不是小孩哟alt Hala Gencim Ama Çocuk Değilimalt I'm Still a Teenager But I'm Not a Childalt 未成年だけどコドモじゃない
Author: Minami Kanan
Artist: Minami Kanan
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Oriyama Karin, 16 years old. She's in high school and...she's about to get married!
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mi è piaciuto troppo la storia fino all'ultimo non perde il ritmo e che dire della trama.. BELLISSIMAAAA =) GRAZIE PER LE TRADUZIONI!!! 

Oh my GOOOOOD! Chibi Manga is completely illiterate!

hermosa historiaa la ameeeeeeeee lastima q se acabo tan rapido

Holy Shit all it takes is her asshole friend do make to plot budge just a little

Oh, don't worry. This'll seem pleasant when you get further in the series. ^-^

Thanks for the tip.  I'm outta here, at least for a while.

You can always go read Kat's summaries up to chapter 26 if the stress is too much.

I am finding this plot direction quite annoying.


Oh, don't worry. This'll seem pleasant when you get further in the series. ^-^


Seriously though, if this is annoying you, stop reading now. I was flipping through the Spanish scans; which I understood only slightly better than the Japanese raws, and with a bit of help from google translate discovered that this arc ends in chapter 26. (Technically 25; but you have to read chapter 26 to get the epilogue of sorts.) I read the French scans up 'til chapter 20 and trust me when I say it's a long, drawn-out and WAY over dramatic ride 'til it's over. -_-

I am finding this plot direction quite annoying.

Completely disregarding the feelings of the ones you love in order to protect them, ya, that always works out...

Thanks for the new manga!

The first part of Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai Kanan Minami ends today in Sho-comi. The series is now paused.

Well... Seems I've reached the end of the french scans too. Up until recently the characters were somewhat making sense, except for Rinrin, but as of chapter twenty everyone seems to be acting like overgrown toddlers. _-_ Just sudden spontaneous drama everywhere. Guh. If this doesn't resolve itself within the next two chapters, I don't know if I wanna keep reading... _-_


On a side note, does anyone know if it's possible to stop the emoticons I type from automatically turning into those images? I far prefer the hyphen-underscore-hyphen face to what batoto replaces it with.

I guess for now I'll just type them upside-down. xD

*Reaches the end of chapter 13* *Thinks* .....Oh. Well. I've reached the end of the english scans... I was enjoying this one too.... And the annoying rival just appeared... And if Rinrin has to get his heart broken, I may as well enjoy seeing Nao get jealous... And chibi manga always releases at a pace that's far too slow for you to properly follow the story... (Through no fault of their own, they just have too many projects) *Pulls out french dictionary* So what if I started homeschooling as soon as grade one was over! I am still Quebecois and I went to french immersion for those two years! I may only have a six-year-old's vocabulary but with enough determination (and enough patience to actually try to *find* words in that giant dictionary) I CAN DO THIS! 8D (Plus now reading this can count as school work and as long as I'm doing some form of school work during designated school hours, I can avoid walking all over the house measuring things because I need to learn the metric system! Yay! 8D <3)

Hmmm Isn't he getting all jealous  lol


when men have problems noticing their women the rivals appear to help them ;p

Hmmm Isn't he getting all jealous  lol

Wouldn't be Shoujo without one, sadly.

Sad but tru :l

Welp, here comes the annoying rival...

Wouldn't be Shoujo without one, sadly.

Welp, here comes the annoying rival...

and then we find out that Karin is a genius, she just never studied so she didn't nobody knew she was one

All of a sudden I want a daughter...but lets get rich first.

chapter 17 :) chinese scan


Man, Purple Library Guy breakin' shit down Barney style for all us idiots as usual.  Kudos.


Yay~ A cliffhanger. :3

Man, Purple Library Guy breakin' shit down Barney style for all us idiots as usual.  Kudos.

Tsundere couple. Pretty rare.

I don't really see her as Tsundere.  In some ways him too.

Basically, she's being hesitant about advances towards him because he treated her so badly before and told her flat out he's in no way interested in dealing with her socially in any way shape or form and considers her completely worthless.  You kind of think twice about opening up after that kind of treatment.

Meanwhile, he's starting to realize that she's not an abstraction to be used as a stepping stone but a human being he's treated like total crap through no fault of hers, and a pretty good intentioned kid at that.  He's starting to feel guilty.  So his "tsundere" is more complicated, but is more a mix of

1) He doesn't deserve for her to treat him well (well, some truth to that IMO)

2) He thinks it might actually be better for her not to have to deal with him, the guy messing her up

3) If he lets her under his skin he'll feel guiltier

So it's not like he's just that kind of character, it's the situation.

why is everyone calling her stupid?
She isn't stupid she just doesn't know how to live a normal life; It's like asking a person who has no medical knowledge to perform surgeries, of course it isn't going to work.

Well, you have a point . . . but for one thing, her sheltered status seems way beyond what you'd normally get just from being rich; she seems to have completely lacked curiosity, must not even have grasped a lot of what she saw in shows.  And for another, you might expect if she was bright she'd have some skills related to being rich--an ability to spot suck-ups (like her smooth-talking hubby), how to invest money, an understanding of upper level office politics, the kind of stuff the rich boys in manga always seem to know (sexism alive and well in manga as usual).

Or maybe she'd have used her tons of leisure time to learn about something--whether useful or not, at least have some kind of expertise, on fine wines, tea ceremony, fashion, detective fiction, some otaku knowledge of some sort.  But she appears to know nothing at all.  She has fewer skills than the girls in Kuragehime

(Edit after reading ch 6) . . . On the other hand, she learned to cook awfully damn fast.  Maybe she's just been deeply incurious and unmotivated.

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