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Mitsukoi Honey

Alt Names: alt 蜜恋Honeyalt Honey Love
Author: YAGAMI Rina
Artist: YAGAMI Rina
Genres: Romance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: "All girls can become cute"

What a lie… thinks Yuni. That Yuni could change like this is because of the new brothers she got through her father's second marriage, Yamato and Hiroto, who persuaded her to perform in an audition.

But Hiroto confesses to Yuni, who formerly got bullied for her "squish-face", so she's determined to become cute! What will be the conclusion for love and the audition?!
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1 month has passed... and the ending was... meh.

So yeah. Thank God.

Sigh. I've read shoujo for years so I'm pretty much immune by now - or so I thought. I had to give up in the middle of the second chapter with this one. I just couldn't read further - there wasn't nearly enough substance to it to excuse the message it was preaching. That message being: "you're only somebody when you're pretty and thin", "then everybody will like you, doesn't matter if they bullied you before", and of course: "take off your glasses and you'll magically transform into a princess (of course, the reverse is also true)". Yeah. Not my cup of tea. Oh yeah, and what was with the mom telling her toddler "Don't worry, hun, someday, you too will become cute."?.... Wtf. Thanks, mom, I'm like three.

I agree w/ Videshi. The theme's been done a million times, but it's not bad. If, however, you don't like it when the cute girl w/ glasses & low self-esteem thinks she's "uncute" and strives to be "cute," then I'd skip this one. I think I'm only reading it to see how the love story aspect turns out.
Not terribly original, but I don't mind at all. It's a cute story and I like the art. :)

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