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Mizuho Ambivalent

Alt Names: alt みずほアンビバレンツalt 瑞穂ambivalentalt Две стороны Мидзухо
Author: Koizumi Mari
Artist: Koizumi Mari
Genres: Comedy ComedyGender Bender Gender BenderRomance RomanceSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Tashiro Mizuho is your typical middle school teen... except for the fact that he is a cross-dresser! When an upper-classman's sister transfers into his class after living abroad, what awaits Mizuho in the future?
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Well this brings back memories. This was my very first Trap Manga.

And then as now, I absolutely DESPISE the ending. Rather than actually addressing any issues, exploring their feelings, or letting the characters grow as they explore the way their relationship develops, we get some hakcneyed Black Magic crap and a rushed Deus Ex Machina ending where the guy who's spent the last 10+ years cross-dressing just gives it up out of the blue that proves that just because something is marketed as Seinen it doesn't mean it's smart.

If you want pretty much the same premise (girl dating cross dressing guy) but done infinitely better, with more believable characters, and a much more mature and serious take on the matter, just stick with Usotsuki Lily. And the fact that Usotsuki-Frickin-Lily is my "more mature and serious" alternative should say something.

Final Verdict: 3/5 Stars for a good start and a solid middle but a stupid, poorly written, and in many ways Transphobic, rushed and sloppy Ending.
this is obviously a manga whose artist was just trying to extend the story... I like the plot but all the mc had to do was reveal that he was a boy and the entire manga would be over. The author fails to make a good reason why he cant reveal his true gender and just strings out the plot. Even when the manga gets axed the ending is terrible. This is an example of a manga that had so much potential and had a great story line. then ruined because of a bad call....honestly im confused
Oh yeah, I remember this from way back. It's fun, kind of silly but what the heck.

RS456: Near as I can make out, Yukimura appears just briefly before in ch 11, Alice's bro reminisces about it . . . she asks him out, he turns her down although she's widely agreed to be a beauty, then moments later meets Mizuho and falls violently in love at first sight. At the time Yukimura had long hair. So yeah, turns out it's Mizuho's haircut he really has a fetish for, so Yukimura with that hair is a thumbs up. It's a kind of ludicrous way to give him a happy ending, but he's a kind of ludicrous character so it's all good.
maaan, i hate gender benders, they make me doubt my own sexuality... i mean i have a "perfectly normal and mildly homosexual crush" on robert downy jr. but that doesn't even convince me that i'm gay, only when i read this kinds of story does doubts come out
More trap. Makes me horny long time.
Hey hey. I don't have the time and money to read these that come all of sudden. This almost made me choke on my coffee. Thanks anyway :D
Yukimura the girl that got together with Alice's brother.
Who is yukimura? I don't remember her.
anndddd the ending is kind of wtf but kind of sweet at the same time. read it at one go cos it was nice to do so.
oh, this is actually pretty nice. art isn't too horrible (just a bit old) and seems to be a decent story at first glance.

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