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Model (Miso)

Alt Names: alt 모델 (Miso)
Author: Miso
Artist: Miso
Genres: Comedy ComedyJosei JoseiWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Confident and in beautiful personalities develop projects for the Spartan models begins!

Original webcomic: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/model
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Good one. Has yaoi hints but yeah.


Hope the yellow haired model has a side story. I wonder what happened to him. 

I agree, this is more of a Josei than a Shoujo. There isnt an explicit romance either, so I feel that category doesnt suit this manwha.

So touching for blondie TT~~TT I wish we had just a short afterword x3 Anyway awesome art totally worth the read !! !! !!

short but very interesting!
A very good overall story, short but very good. Thanks a lot Shoujo Manhwa Scans!!!!
Was there really a need for the romance tag, because I'm not seeing the romance part of the story? Also a rather rushed anti-climatic ending for the douchebag representative. I was thinking Shinwoo was going to off him himself for a second there.

Oh and thanks to SMS for finishing this one up rather quickly.
Ch. 21-22: I stand by my comments about ch 17, down where I say "urgh".
Concrete. Overshoes.
Also, just goes to show that once you've got the money and the power, you don't have to run a business halfway competently to keep it.
(Ch18) Yikes! That new 'do and dye job makes him look like a greasy businessman! Bring back the cute puppy-dog look!
I kind of like this writer, but
Thanks for the new chapter Shojo Manhwa Scans!!


good point, I'm reserving judgement, I'm not so sure she's just going to cave in to his extortion yet. I sure hope not
Awesome, thanks Shojo Manhwa Scans!!
Thanks for the great new chapter Shojo Manhwa Scans!!!
Ch 13--What's the problem? I think she looks great in the purple!
. . . OK, I would.
The photographer is blushing...
(Ch 10) I think it's cute that...
Huh. It's starting to get more interesting as it goes along. Still not sure what I think.
In ch 7, two things--
it was kinda intersting but not enough for T.T
pretty funny

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