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Moe Kare!!

Alt Names: alt Burning Love!!alt 纯爱男友alt Double Prince!!alt 萌えカレ!!alt Moe Boyfriend!!alt Moe Kareshi!!
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSmut Smut
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Wakamiya Hikaru, an otaku, wants a boy who will protect her. One day, she gets kissed by a beautiful, perverted boy whom she calls the "Perverted Prince." Later on, she meets a guy who looks exactly like him, but their eyes are different. What's happening?! A manga full of twists and turns that will surely leave you wanting more!

Hikaru Wakamiya es una chica de quince años común y corriente, que asiste a una secundaria solo para mujeres... común y corriente, exceptuando el hecho de que es una otaku, cuya pasión en la vida es leer manga, espec ficamente shōjo.Está tan obsesionada que lo único que hace es soñar con su pr ncipe azul, al estilo de los manga que lee. Su búsqueda termina cuando un d a, al regresar a casa, se encuentra con unos chicos que intentan abusar de ella, pero es salvada por "su pr ncipe", un maravilloso y apuesto chico de ojos azules y cabello negro que va por ah salvando a las chicas... Gran error.El pr ncipe le pregunta qué le dará a cambio de haberla salvado y sin previo aviso le roba un beso francés, para luego decirle que es demasiado inexperta, y que ni siquiera tiene buenas proporciones f sicas, para terminar apodándola "Hiyoko" (pequeño pollito)... as que el chico pasa a ser el "pr ncipe pervertido" que Hikaru no desea ver nunca más.Pero sus amigas la convencen de ir a una cita a ciegas y se vuelve a encontrar con el,pero el jura nunca haberla besado,es mas sus ojos son de color cafe......
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I liked this one. A bit more realistic depiction of human relationships than the regular shoujo. 7/10

who stole the first four?

Very good but why does the mangaka have to draw her boobs like that?! Seriously it's like they're little tennis balls stuck to her chest...
well written, but I would like to point out that there is a distinction between heroin and heroine.

I'm sure you know what it is now.
a very good shoujo...

nice ending
ch.1 - 4?
Ok, Shoujo is not my usual scene, but somehow I got roped into this one and I'd like to spout a few incoherent gobs of nonsense that are currently nagging at my soul:

I absolutely hate Takara, have since chapter 2 or 3...

He happens to coincidentally glean the affections of the heroin over Arata (the character with the vastly more complex, interesting, and affectionate personality) and then runs with it, feeling entitled to the girl who likes him out of pure naivete. Arata, the one who starts the whole love triangle off had a difficult childhood, vastly more depth of character, and a deliciously tenuous sense of identity. In total, the awesomeness of his character overshadows Takara like a lion would a cockroack.

The only reason I can stand Takara being in the series, is that he must be there to hurt Hikaru enough to force her character to evolve (without this she would never be an emotional match for Arata)

I'm currently stuck on the 29th chapter unsure whether I want to read any further because if Hikaru and Takara end up back together I would be angry and depressed for a week...and possibly compelled to fly to Japan and snap Ikeyamada Go's neck.
a very good shoujo
sorry about that gonna fix it now :3
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