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Molester Man

Alt Names: alt Chikan Otokoalt 痴漢男alt Приставала
Author: Molester Man & 2ch & Yokota Takuma
Artist: Yokota Takuma
Genres: Comedy ComedyDoujinshi DoujinshiDrama DramaRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Based off a real story which was posted on 2ch, Molester Man is the story of how Molester Man is mistaken for a stalker by Miss Understanding, and how they overcome their personal challenges while slowly growing closer to each other.

"Molester Man" and "Miss Understanding" are simply pseudonyms (false names to hide real names) used by the author of the manga.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Freaking gross so far..? Ugh, being in the mind of an entitled male is the worst... One more chance...


Kill yourself, MC?


edit: Reading further, I can only conclude... MC is trash. Please die.

I know men aren't all like this, but even though I'm pans, this series makes me wants to just stick to women.

Fuck this manga was amazing!! Not surprisingly the most realistic manga I've ever read, but also sooo emotional and it hit home for me so hard. And it was also hilarious! I love it so much! Thank you to everyone who made an effort to scanlate this to english! This is now one of my favorite mangas.

This manga and Onani Master Kurosawa are best mangas

Liked the comedy and references

MC is cool but...






You've never talked to actual females have you? Its scary because its more common then anyone would want it to be

Read it all in one sitting. Wow just wow.  Loved every bit of it.  The highs and the lows hit me so hard.

Liked the comedy and references

MC is cool but...





was reading this because a long time ago read OMK, was a fan of Gakuen Dangerous and read today Golden and the jump work about dance, and this one was a really good read

I can't believe something like this actually happened and in like 2 months only
but the manga is really great, already my favorite work from this artist (his art went really well with this story)

also this page make me burst into laugh


I love the bit leading up to and the end, i'm seriously smiling so hard.

Oh geez, I'm tearing up again. It's a great read that's for sure.
Read it all in one sitting. Molester man is my new hero

Rando Button, Ya done good, again.


Upon reaching this page, I saw the title, the drama tag, and the explicit warning. I rolled my eyes and clicked the random button again, but as it took me away I noticed the 4.6 rating and became curious. I thought "eh, I'll read the summary, I guess."... I stayed up and finished the manga overnight.


21 chapters in 2 days but im so happy



This story rings too many bells for me! That aside, it's really good. It has this guttural feeling of reality, and yet is just like a grandpa story: salted and peppered here and there with thoughts and doubts that may not have been thought only to spice it. A very unique feeling in manga indeed.


About the usual qualities, it's all good. Characters, story, art... The art, by the way, gets significantly better with time.


It's not a coming-of-age story like Onani Master Kurosawa (from the same artist), but it's a very insightful romance, which is quite a fresh take on the genre.

This manga is going to my favorite toplist ASAP, omg 11/10


I enjoyed the ride (a realistic ride when you in RL have this ammount of bad luck normally xD) (ºдº)

Reread this after a long time... this and OMK, tears, every time.

this manga is VIP quality


edit: just got to chappie 20. Tears rolling down my face from sheer happiness.

There's hope out for us yet, don't give up.

Gosh... what a ride, ladies and gentlemen.


Just registered to say I haven't been so moved by a manga since Ressentiment.


And what about the art, I never saw so much progress of art in a manga. Look at this first chapter, it's so amateurish... (but with already a lot of potential) and look only a few volumes later...the mangaka had already mastered his great, refreshing, art.



both molester man and onani master kurosawa is awesome!!

god i am happy to read these manga!!

this make me remember onani master.. both have same style art and good at story *nicenicenicenice

I was fooled by the English title but was amazed by the story presentation right after one chapter. It was a good read but should have stayed true to its original title "Chikan Otoko" instead in my opinion. As this is based on a true story, I'd say the ending is nice and doesn't feel like anything is being left out. :)
I found myself grinning throughout the entire chapters, a light-hearted and romantic story with humorous jokes. As this is a Doujinshi, the panels and shading are all hand-drawn without using any tools but this doesn't affect the visual appeals. While this is a good series but please bear in mind that its Seinen and contains mature material, don't openly link other users to this page(which is how I got here) Thank you.

This was fucking amazing! Wow! When I started reading this I didn’t think I would end up enjoying it this much. Great story, even better execution! Makes you wonder if its basis really is true and if so, how much of it ...

boa x sachiko one true love

Lord Molester

This is epic

I found the holyshit bible for a 20-year old virgin like me! THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME TO THE CORE!!!

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