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Mother Keeper

Alt Names: alt 伊甸捍卫者alt マザーキーパーalt Motherkeeper
Author: SORANO Kairi
Artist: SORANO Kairi
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyDrama DramaSci-fi Sci-fiShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: The world is split into two kinds of people: those on the "inside" of EDEN, and those on the "outside". Within EDEN there is clean air and water - it lived up to it's name of a true paradise. But EDEN cannot contain all of the people of the world. EDEN actually made conditions worse for those outside. Because of this, many resistance groups have been formed. Ricalna Forde is a soldier of the resistance team COSMOS, whose mission is to infiltrate EDEN's main headquarters and destroy the "Central CPU" - that controls all of EDEN.
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Could've been so, so much better. I crey for the work that went into the art of this series, because it was real purdy but story had, like, no substance at all

Sense Scans, you did a great job with the scanlations. Thank you.


description makes it sound like FFXIII

This could've been so much better. Ahhhhhhhhhhh
So many plot holes... Honestly, reading the last few volumes of this just felt like a waste of time.

Ok, so in the end every character that had some kind of background, development (sorry i'm joking), and even a tiny bit of meaning in story, simply died just like that, leaving only mother, rena and some humans...... I really wonder at which point this manga steered in the wrong direction......

Yeah well can't say I didn't see this coming.

I kind of don't know what to say about the ending... I'm still confused. XD
The more I read, the less anything makes sense. Shame, since I really like the art.

Jesus that pair of siblings are so retarded and annoying, i hoped that rena would die especially after she attacked her own brother.

Is it just me or does Rena keep looking more like a dude every chapter?

omg sorry about chapter 66, some of the pages have missing bubbles but its fixed now (on the sense forums anyway)



Another update? Thanks!

We've gone so far down the rabbit hole we arrived at robo Adam and Eve...



Rabbit hole? More like the author burning a hole in his own story and then watching it burn the whole building down.


The only thing this chapter says is, "EVERYTHING you learned about from previous chapters is bullshit."

We've gone so far down the rabbit hole we arrived at robo Adam and Eve...

Not that I have anything against convoluted stories but the more they are the more important pacing becomes. And the pacing is not good which just makes me tune out.

That was a little surprising. I didn't know she was a cyborg.

Started reading this today, it ain't the masterpiece that's for sure, there are some things that are visibly wrong and they are there just for the sake of progressing the story. Regarding most recent incidents, i'm not sure why they are surprised

I wonder how this manga will end, i'll avoid checking raws so i won't be disappointed.

Hey there fans, this is a PSA:

Sense Scans are in need of a quality checker to work on this series. Until we have all the positions filled, we can't guarantee regular updates. Please apply over at our forums, no prior experience necessary!

>.45mm hollow tip

>implying penetration


sasuga nippon

Wow, that chapter is pretty much just death.


Oh hey, it's...Ricalna? Ricalna, Ricalna...OHHH, RICALNA!


I remember that guy!

You can't open the box... it's not Christmas yet.

The change in the art style between Vol.6 and Vol. 7 is seriously messing with me....



Unless some misslabeling is going on, there are 3 more volumes.

Its not a misslable, The hunter, Last part, its a side chapter


Ch.33.5: The Hunter (First Part)

Vol.6 Ch.44.5: The Hunter (Second Part)

Vol.7 Ch.50.5: The Hunter (Last Part)

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