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Alt Names: alt モトカレ←リトライalt Motokare ← Ritoraialt Motokare Ritorai
Author: Hanaya En
Artist: Hanaya En
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSmut Smut
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: This time i will say it honestly--- there is only you. the person that i don't want to see the most in this world --- "my ex-boyfriend"

During junior high school, Mitsu had her first boyfriend and first heart broken, without really solving problems between them had, she is now a university student. This year, she definitely want to have a new love, but unfortunately Kaede, her ex-boyfriend is her neighbor! Five years has passed and now he is a popular guy, but his smile didn't change a bit. ...gosh, love will bloom again... he knows all her weaknesses, she wanted to know about his previous girlfriends, and he led her to misunderstanding by his kindness. Her ex-boyfriend is so troublesome!!!

But, the thought of 'if we didn't break up that time' is unstoppable. Is a 'retry' with ex boyfriend okay!?

Volume 2 contains the side story "Prologue: Koi wo Shitta Hi kara" (プ ーグ~恋を知った日から~).
Volumes 4–7 each contain a side story.

Otoko Tomodachi no Aji (おとこトモダチの味)
China at Zenryoku Kataomoi (ちな@全力片思い); Cheese! Zoukan 2014-07
Barairo no Yuuutsu (薔薇色のユウウツ); Cheese! Zoukan 2013-03
Kenzen na Kajitsu (健全な果実):
Wakuseikan Omamagoto Renai (惑星間オママゴト恋愛); Cheese! Zoukan 2015-03
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Vol.6 Ch.17: PASSO 17
Anime&Manga&Otaku Leonbalda 23 hours ago
Vol.6 Ch.16: PASSO 16
Anime&Manga&Otaku Leonbalda 23 hours ago

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grazie per la traduzione in italiano! spero lo completiate! 

(ㆀ˘・з・˘) buuuu Nathaniel!!!

il capitolo 11 non va ancora bene

ciao potete sistemare il capitolo 11? grazie

Cdn uk

cap 11 del gruppo italiano

Cdn uk

Fk this, I speak neither Spanish nor Italian. Trump needs to do something about this discrimination in shoujo mangas!

Voglio vedere il resto, vi pregooooo ❤️(๑>◡<๑)
I must've read some of this before but ugh, there's being nervous and insecure, and then there's going out of your way to be as emotionally needy as possible.

In italiano non state continuando più a tradurre?

    • S81 likes this
Wow!!! È super questo manga ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

bellooooooo thanks! ;)

The second ex it's so much better than fmc....

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