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Ms. Mayple's Afternoon Tea Time

Alt Names: alt メイプルさんの紅茶時間alt Mayple-san no Koucha Jikanalt Mayple-san no Tea Time
Author: AOI Kuuta
Artist: AOI Kuuta
Genres: Drama DramaMystery MysterySci-fi Sci-fiSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: The story opens several years after a devastating war, where incredibly strong 'mechanical dolls' slaughtered many, many people. These robot weapons, which look exactly like humans, are still feared and hated. During a storm, Craw finds one of these 'dolls.' She is nothing like the weapon he would expect, but is instead gentle, cheerful, and very eager to be of use to the people around her. She claims her name is Mayple, and she seems to be programmed as a maid and cook.

Soon, Craw has set up a cafe for Mayple to run, where she can cook sweets and tea for everyone in town. It's going to be a rough road ahead of her, as many townspeople hate her on principle and will not shrink from violence against her. But maybe Mayple, who always keeps a sunny attitude, will be able to find a way through the prejudice and make a place for herself in the post-war world.
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Definitely one of my absolute favorites.  Even though it was completed on batoto nearly four years ago, I still keep it on my follow list, and come back every now and again to read it.  One of the most touching manga I've ever read.


Edited a year and a half later:  I read it again.  I still cried over chapter six, and I still totally love this manga.  I'd love to read more of the author's works, although, apparently, there are none on Batoto.  I have to check mangaup@@@es to see for sure.  REALLY great read.  Would love to read the author's later manga Working Dog.  MU didn't have any info on it other than it was written in 2014, but anyone who could write about Ms. Mayple is worth reading.

What an awesome time i had reading this piece of work!!

That smile...I can't help but stop and check this out.
Ah, forgot to add something.


Sorry for double post ^.^.
I love how the series end within the realm of realism without exploiting excessive deus ex machina. Given the slice of life genre of the series, it is the best way to end it. Nothing overly embarrassing such as the 'POWAR OF LOVE!' or 'I am the good guy, so I win... kinda'.

I believe the best part of the ending is when Craw said "I am back" despite having various questions for Mayple. A great touch there by the author.
Cuteness overload.
well, all good things must come to an end *sniffles*
did you mean " There's no way my secretary can be this cute " ?
That was a good read!
Know what?
What's a fearsome Virus , I mean Amazing update program the grandfather create there.
The Ending is Heart warming ( maybe you guys don't believe me but I can see the ending after the Virus Spread, even Shirayuki smile => I prepare myself some tea sothat I may drink tea when reach the ending, the tea more delicious than I ever drink just like I really taste Mayple's Tea )
Posted Image
Just like a nice cup of tea, this series started surprisingly warm and bitter, but tasted sweeter with every slow sip of a new chapter, and it made me feel warm and happy in my heart every time. And then the final sip or two were the dregs, a little bitter, and a little colder, but still all of the things I'd come to love about it.
Truly, a nice read, and its shortness only makes the memory of it more precious. I'm going to remember this series, and Mayple's wonderful smile.
Thank you for the read, AQUA Scans.
A great ending to a great story, thanks a lot AQUA Scans!!
......no kiss???? :(
Thanks to everyone who picked this series to read and continued with us ’till this chapter! Our team really enjoyed working on it and I hope you also did! m(_ _)m
End already? Damn it was a good series
Mayple no!!!!!!!!! ><
Thanks, AQUA Scans, for the generous release, and for bringing us this and other great manga.
thank you for 3 release in a same day and happy birthday aqua scans~ <3

btw i hate that guy now....
Happy Anniversary Aqua Scans
On side note:-

ty for the info mizuouji
Awesome new triple release, thanks a lot AQUA scans!! and happy 1year anniversary, too!
Nope 'till u say happy bday to us!
>3 chapters release
>End with cliffhanger

Although admittedly the other 2 ends with foreshadowing, this one is a massive cliffhanger.

Q' 'Q Can I demand the ending for new year?
Nope. Sorry, we couldnt finish it on time for the anniversary release. oTL

But we already translated it and we'll have it soon. =w=b

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