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My Girl (SAHARA Mizu)

Alt Names: alt รักเกินร้อย เจ้าหญิงน้อยของผมalt マイガール (佐原 ミズ)alt Benim Kızımalt MY GIRL~我的乖乖女~alt 我的乖乖女
Author: SAHARA Mizu
Artist: SAHARA Mizu
Genres: Drama DramaSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Kazama Masamune - a single 23-year-old man... has a kid? During the season of cherry blossoms, his beloved passes away. He happens to meet a little girl outside work and realizes she is his daughter who was raised in secrecy by his lover. The worst spring of his life is transformed into a painful yet vivid spring.
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All these comments about crying I thought before reading. Still. I read the whole thing. And it was wonderful. (Also, I cried too)

I don't even remember the last time I cried. Top grade tearjerker.


This is splendid!

I'm sad that they forget laundry lady way too quickly.

Even though my mind is telling me how utterly ridiculous it is for a kid to say these things, and how the author cannot create real-human-like-behaving characters, I cannot stop reading. It's a nice illusion of childhood and parenthood.

dam, I teared up at every chapter

This ... now this was a beautifully written and beautifully drawn manga.




Just all around excellently done. :)


Many thanks to all involved in creating this beautiful story and to those involved in scanlating it.


Hmm ... i wonder if it is available in English for purchase? Works like this are definitely something I would want to go out of my way to support!

God this manga has me legit crying every few chapters.  I love every character in this.  Masamune is such a genuine and sincere human being. Koharu is a complete reincarnation of the Buddha, and Katagiri is a complete sweetheart and I think Masamune and her deserve each other.  I was really worried they would put Masamune together with that laundry lady but as soon as I heard her bullshit accusation I knew she was no good.


Also, all the grandparents were great, even the tsundere mother.



That feel you have when you suddenly accept your estranged grandbaby into your life.

Great manga~ Very heartwarming! Although I do wish he hadn't gotten together with Katagiri. Seems like a character thrown in hastily near the end (with a few cameos). Got some good development from that but personally I liked the laundry lady better. :/

Good God, that was so touching. I've got to read some irreverent comedy to balance out these feels. 

Omg! Finally I finished the last chapter! I cried all over the whole story! So beautiful and touching, Koharu is such a darling, so naive yet mature for her age. I felt so sad for the landlord when his wife died... v_v

Because I'm married to the man I love, everytime the couples in tge story have issues or there were a mention on somebody's death I broke into tears! I just kept imagine myself in that situation! Fron now on I'm gonna cherish every moment I have with him ;_;


Thanks to the translator team for this wonderful story.

January 6th, year 2014


I just read this from start to finish in one go. I legit started to cry by the end of chapter 25, and once it was finished I was floating in a puddle of tears. . . THE FEELS!!! QcQ

Indeed.. I just reread the last 2 chapters. And the memories of all the previous chapters came back to me, even if I read them 2 years ago. It's such a sad and heartwarming story at the same time..

i just read until chapter 6 and my tears dropped, heart-warming story...

My god, I just started and I feel like crying with every chapter... (edit: and now I've finished it and god, it's such a good story. wonderful ending. I just wish I could have seen more of middle school Koharu!)


Several years back when I was around 22, I actually had a dream similar to this story...Finding out one morning that I had a 5 year old daughter I knew nothing about, and taking her in. It was probably influenced by another similar story I'd read at the time, but I remember feeling regret when I awoke, because it was actually quite a wonderful dream. To this day I still remember it vividly. 

January 6th, year 2014


I just read this from start to finish in one go. I legit started to cry by the end of chapter 25, and once it was finished I was floating in a puddle of tears. . . THE FEELS!!! QcQ

I finally got around to finish reading this manga. A true heartwarming masterpiece, that's like a punch right in the "feels", in a very good way.


Thank you guys from the storm in heaven, Aku Tenshi, Lelei, Random Fan and Futari wa Pretty Anon.

"Santa already gave me my present for this year..."

"Oh? What did you get?"



I've never seen a kid like this. She's like Jesus without the religion.

It's because every now and then I get led to series like this that I never turn off the language filter for this.

This is one of the few series that I've read/watched that's made me think that manga/anime can be a truly beautiful, touching thing. I felt as though my eyes were welling up with tears every few chapters.


It was well worth pulling an all nighter starting and finishing this. Screw homework.

State of self while reading manga: constantly choked up and teary-eyed

(not that it's ultra sad or anything, but it's so dang gentle and sentimental in all the right ways... /sheds single tear of feels)


Edit: every now and then I like to come back and read this chapter (especially these pages) and just



Also this ugh


Only up to the 3rd chapter and tears are already welling up... THE FEELS!

Edit: Vol 3 chapter 23: Boy, kids these days...

This would become a very nice sentimental anime/movie.


There is a J-drama based on this.

Nice manga, sad to see it end but i enjoyed it well.

I never understood though why his girlfriend didn't want to get married to him, even though they both loved each other deeply. Was it so important to her to be a single parent that she'd torment herself with heartache to the very end?


She treasured him so much that she didn't want to burden him with the responsabilty of a child. Don't forget that she was four years older than him and he was still in school.

I admit I think it was the wrong decision too but it was her's not our's and often enough i've met people making unreasonable choices.

Just take it as a hint to help the people around you to make their choices. Don't be ignorant, intolerant or too proud to help. :-)

The end is so adorable! It makes me want to laugh and cry simultaniusly--i think i'm scaring my puppy. And Koharu looks so pretty in those photos! This goes in the "awesome manga to reread later" folder! ^^
Ahhh... Another end to another good manga... My "AWWW!" moment for the day has been satisfied.
Just F****ing beautiful. I personally liked the ending, because the series ended as it began: a story about a girl and her father. The romance toward the end was enough to keep me interested, and was not overbearing enough to make me want to drop the series. The plot, character development, and dialogue of the series was great and I believe the series ended at a good place. It could have gone on, become redundant, and then lose the beauty that it already had. Thank you all who translated this series. Your time and effort to bring us "My Girl" is truly appreciated.

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