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Alt Names: alt ネクロマンサーalt Nekromantalt Nekuromansa
Author: SOGA Shina
Artist: SOGA Shina
Genres: Psychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Look for him in the boulevard full of sorrow and desires called Slum Street and there is where you shall find the Necromancer. He has the power and knowledge to resurrect all your loved ones and the only thing you have to do is make a contract with him while you’ll find yourself being swiped away by a tale of life and death.
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I've only read a few chapters but I'm starting to hate this policewoman. She's just too annoying. She had a personality that I cannot stand even in real life. Hopefully, the next few chapters should change my opinion of this... girl.

In the end, I didn't like as much as I thought I would have.

Who liked those stories should read Nickelodeon: http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/nickelodeon-r4261

First manga to steal my tears ;(

fue muy corto pero estuvo genial!!! treta temas muy pegados a la vida en si misma y lo q somos nosotros los humanos en esencia.Definitivamente es uno de mis magas favoritos 

Best read I've had in months. Wonderful short stories, woven into a wonderful main story.

One of the few mangas that moved me. Loved every single chapter of it.

To others whom haven't read this, lemme tell you that this manga was good, great and shit man, read it yourself to know what I'm talking about.


Damn, feeling suicidal for missed out this stuff for so long.

This was a good manga, but the ending was free for us to interpret though. You may say that Asutsuo confessed to Mary, but it could be that he just wanted to say that she was his "one and only best friend", as funny as that sounds.

It's hard for Asutsuo to say it because he never had one, he was always living in the dark.

Though I do agree this is a masterpiece, the art was inky at the start. It may be the mangaka's tendencies, though, so I have nothing against it.

Although the ending was a bit Disney-themed, it's all pretty good; I do agree that the plot flows too fast. There is little if not no depth in the episodic part of the series.

I do like to interpret the ending as a friendship one, though. Since friendship prevails.
Although I do agree that Asutsuo's mother bears a little resemblance to Mary, so it might be the same case. It's just that I have something against tomboys. I like calm and noble girls more.
It was great and all but there is one major flaw: this is too short!

Just plain awesome in and out...that's all i can say
It was wonderful~~!!!!

I'm gonna cry and think about this for awhile!
Wow, what a great manga! The ending was actually not bad, and the story flowed well. I liked how it change from being pretty much episodic to having the plot build up in the last few chapters. I'll be looking forward to see more from this mangaka. :)
Religion is not evil, it is those who interpret religion and follow religion who are evil. Not all of them are evil, but you cannot blame religion for the evil acts of men. Men distort religion and use it as a reason to sommit evil but that does not make it an evil thing. To say religion is evil is ignorant my good sir, I do not mean to offend you by saying that but it is true. This manga illustrated that religion is neither good nor evil. We associate death with evil but in this manga it is anything but evil, and the religion was not evil just the men who followed it. So please refrain from blaming religion on the problems of the world in the future I would appreciate it.
Religion is evil everyone who doesn't know that is ignorant.
... Although I'm skeptical that the church will just completely forget about him (and the priest who died), I think it ended in a great way. Hope to see more from the mangaka!
this reminds me of screaming lesson
What the... only 4.72?! BLASPHEMY!!!
Look George!

We have found the meaning of Life !!!
Master piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*.........the story and the ending were awesome!!!!
Thanks so much for the scanlations, and this mangaka is someone to look forward to in the future. Great ending :)
In his confession, Asutsuo's face was just so cute.
lol romance over revenge? not my style but it was a pretty good read...
nice ending, and a very nice read.
Disney or not, it was a spectacular ending, in all honestly, the philosophy in this manga was deep and intriguing, couldn't have asked for more, 10/10, the author is a great person and great writer, Im really waiting to see her next project.

Thanks EGS for your effort and dedication, really appreciated.
It always makes me smile when you encounter a mangaka so kind and dedicated.

The ending was rather sugary, compared to how the series started out, but made sense in context and was thoroughly satisfying. I'll definitely be looking forward to more work from this author.


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