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Nejimakiboshi to Aoi Sora

Alt Names: alt ねじまき星とアオイソラ
Author: TOKIYA Seigo
Artist: TOKIYA Seigo
Genres: Romance RomanceSci-fi Sci-fiSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: This is the tale of a boy whose mother was killed in a meteor strike on their island home 6 months ago – something everyone knows was the crashing of an alien ship but no one will confirm – who one day quite literally has a girl drop out of the sky on him. She at first takes him hostage from people hunting her but it eventually comes out that she’s from outer space and if there’s one thing that this boy’s mother taught him, it is to NOT leave a damsel in distress…
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"....Daisuke... how much is 30,000 light-years?"
"...80 years...."
What the hell!?

Yep I just happen to know 30,000 days is 80 years
Damn! too short!!!
Well, some sorta interesting thematic stuff. But this has everything I hate about manga/anime SF. Incoherent plot, technology that's like magic except less consistent, complete lack of anything resembling science, random bits of techiness used as "get out of plot jail free" cards. For someone who likes real SF, it's painful.
"....Daisuke... how much is 30,000 light-years?"
"...80 years...."
What the hell!?
lets make some aliens babies :3
anyone has any idea where to find that 30,000 Times Blue Sky manga ?
It was so good. I like the MC very much. Want to see how that mad scientist doing too. :( It ended too fast.
It ended???? o_O!!???
All right so it's stated that this is a spin-off of another work "30,000 Times Blue Sky" or something like that... I have looked here on batoto and mangaupdates but I haven't seen anything mentioning it. Anyone got any ideas?
Daisuke was a man in boy's clothing.
My mind went......... BLANK!!... DAMN!~ THE END?
This could have been easily continued. She could have been put in his school and could have done many things with that. But its fine, it was good while it lasted.
Woah that was fast Posted Image

Too short :<

Anybody can add genres, so who knows.
It really isn't worth the time and I'd hope the translators pick a better projects because there are way better titles than this one. Also its tagged as comedy when it is not the least bit funny. In fact its pretty much drama/tragedy.
O.o Bich chara much?
This is a pretty intense storyline. Daisuke is a pretty resilient kid it seems. Also, this definitely fits into the Seinen story genre. It's almost a tragedy comparable to Elfen Lied. If it gets further into the story then I'm sure it has the chance to surpass it at some point.
Humanity at it's worse. This is the reason why our first encounter with an intelligent extraterrestrial race will lead to our utter annihilation :D
Pretty cliched. Next Chapter please~
Ok...who admits it, when you saw the first page of chapter 3 panel 1, You thought what's inside the box was a piece of SHIT?
This is a comedy? It's pretty violent and gruesom, with more dead bodies than you can count!
Can’t wait to see what happens afterwards
after reading chapter 2...seemed rushed
The suspicions I had after the first chapter were confirmed..

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