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Netsu - Ai Shisen

Alt Names: alt Amai Fukushuualt Amai Fukushuu (SAIJOU Ayano)alt 热·爱视线alt 熱・愛視線~瞳で犯して~alt Oniisama no Iinaialt Sensei wa Boku no Monoalt Sensei wa Boku no Monoalt Shakunetsu no Yuuwakualt Sweet Revengealt The Violating Gaze
Author: Saijou Ayano
Artist: Saijou Ayano
Genres: Drama DramaOneshot OneshotRomance RomanceShoujo ShoujoSmut Smut
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: • Netsu-Ai Shisen
Miu's boyfriend, Ootsuka-kun, is perfect; he's gorgeous, sweet and earnest. But when Ootsuka-kun introduces her to his Kouhai, her perfect life takes an unexpected turn.

• Shakunetsu no Yuuwaku

• Amai Fukushuu (Sweet Revenge)
Rika was looking forward to a date and used all her money on a "Dinoi" dress. But she was rejected because she looked like a nerd. She offers her body to another guy who agrees to help her get her revenge.

• Sensei wa Boku no Mono -
Yuusuke has been in love with Mitsuki since he was a child. To what length is he willing to go to acquire her love?

• Oniisama no Iinai
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I think that the author was in the middle of a lovey dovey relationship and wanted to "skip everything and get to the good stuff" or something of the kind.  LOL  


I wonder if Japanese women are actually that way...   and also if men are SO self centered... I mean, japanese men,.  I know mexican men are... 

Yup rapey

Bleh.  I would not advise bothering.  They're all "smoldering guys who are kind of rapey and have no other personality and the girls who swoon over them".  Lots of hunka hunka burning love, no character development, very little plot, standardized dialogue.

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