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Alt Names: alt オニデレalt 鬼骄alt Oni Dere
Author: Crystal Na Yousuke
Artist: Crystal Na Yousuke
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Tadashi is in his second year of junior high school and is a member of the handicraft club and loves nothing more than knitting. Unfortunately he's in a secret relationship with Saya, the member of a notorious all-girl gang, who says she will kill him and herself if anyone ever finds out about it.
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What I really want to say is "2nd year of middle school is to early to get a GF", but oh well. There's always early budders

Everyone has their circumstances yet momo's backstory is inexistent? Just one panel is not even remotely enough to satisfy even if it's awesome! Also, the author shouldn't have went with and ending like that. It kinda puts aside all the events that led until that point.

A Great Manga with a great resolution. and If you wonder what would of happened if Tadashi hadn't come to his senses at the end refer to chapter 76 and 77.

Definitely an interesting read but in no way a masterpiece. Personally, I find there's too many standalone chapters scattered across the story especially in the early half of the manga. It gets better when it got to story arcs (e.g. Beach arc/Love Triangle arc) as it provides more consistency that the story is severely lacking. While the story has it's highlight with the introduction of the Justice Kaichou and the best Love Triangle of all time, the standalone chapters feel unmotivated and serve more of a filler for the author to think up of new arcs. The ending could've been better, heck I was expecting at least a group photo of the entire cast (yes, I'm a sucker for these, sue me) to provide a closure for the story and yet it's not delivered.


Long story short, this would be a great read if you don't mind excessive standalone gag chapters and subpar ending. Standalone chapters can only work when you're following a manga chapter by chapter and not marathon it in one go; the lack of coherency grows stale fast.

How the hell could I have not known this ended?!?
I haven't read to the end, about half way thru. I'm enjoying it a lot. But why on earth is the translator substituting "aye" for "oi"??? They have completely different meanings. He could just leave it as is, since oi has an excepted meaning for English speakers (thanks to punkers and soccer fans and Aussies). Or if he insisted on translating it, he could use "hey!" or "hey now!" "Aye" is just an old-fashioned (or nautical) way of saying "yes".
A common problem with most manga endings.
All I can say is that it could have been better.
This manga is too good , it can`t end! x.x
This deserves an anime, i wanna see the president and his hilarious
justice babbling again!!
I have been waiting for this ending forever. I am deeply satisfied. Finally a finale that makes one swoon and die of laughter at the same time. This manga was a thrill to read. The romance and comedy plus the over the top fighting was epic. Only small downside was the almost stagnant growth of the male lead which thankfully gained a pair during the final hour. I thank everyone who worked hard bringing this manga to us all.
I'll gladly take Momo-san!!!
Well, it was a silly manga but I got weirdly fond of them all. It was getting to be time to finish it up, but I'll kinda miss it. Live happily, Saya and Tadashi and the gang!
it´s always sad when a manga ends, at least for me i hate that felling "of not seing the characters again", there won´t be no more president justice things no more saya-san passing out over somthing normal like a complement, i´m gonna miss this...
who was the guy with the girl who always wear that cloth in her mouth (forgot her name)? a supposed to be another character? lol
OMG! why did this have to end? tsk3
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Some art improvement would have really been nice. It was fun at the start but I honestly couldn't stick with it past chapter 100ish.
Meh ending.
complete? Huh?!
Sigh. axed again. These mangaka needs to plan to end their manga before ch100...
Been happening too often recently..
its over the end :|
@berser Yeah I found it. Anyways, when does 134 come out does anyone know at all? I mean it has been awhile since an update right? Is this on hiatous or something or are they just behind on releaseing?
what happen to the next chapter ?
kaichou is awesome and is this manga done and fully translated or not?
@thorn maybe you are talking about yandere kanojo? is almost the same history as onidere

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