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Orange Kiss

Alt Names: alt オレンジ・キスalt 香橙之吻
Author: Usami Maki
Artist: Usami Maki
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Consists of 4 short stories.

1. Orange Kiss
Kijima Aka had a dream. In the dream, she and an orange haired boy kissed under the setting sun. And that boy just so happens to be the guy who's in the same class as her, Shimizu! She always thought Shimizu had some kind of grudge against her because he seems to hate her. Will Aka's dream become reality?

2. Happy Words
The story of the past of the main characters, Saiko and Ichi, from "No. 1 Girl" in the tankubon Caramel Milk Tea.

3. Last Train Under the Night Sky

4. More Orange Kiss

Includes "Another Usami's Biography."
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I actually like these more than some of her other oneshots.

I think it has to do with the fact that the girls in chapter 1 & 3 seem more direct in their feelings, and less Crying.

Chapter 2 is a prequel to a oneshot in "Caramel Milk Tea" and I dislike the girl then and moreso now.

She is so immature for Hajime, who puts up with her bad attitude and tantrums time and time again.

Then in the sequel, she Chooses her career over him. Such a mismatched couple, and one I feel such strong dislike for.

Chapter 4 was cute.

These overall were nothing special, but the 2 chapters had less weepy female leads, which lessen the annoyance level.
Usami Maki does a lot of good one-shots. These are good, but I don't think they're her best. If you like one-shots, her stuff is worth looking for. Things like "Caramel Milk Tea" and "Haruyuki Bus" (a whole multi-volume manga of one-shots that happen around buses somehow, and they're all good, and like half of them are really topnotch) and "Apple-cheek Love" and such.
Her longer stuff doesn't quite have the power of her one-shots IMO; I don't know if she loses focus, or isn't good at bringing in plot complications or what. But her oneshots are some of the best in shoujo.

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