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Otter no.11

Alt Names: alt Otter 11alt Otters 11alt Rakko 11-gou
Author: OHBA Tsugumi
Artist: OBATA Takeshi
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyOneshot Oneshot
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Based on the fake manga in Bakuman (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/bakuman-r63) it is a one shot of Otter no.11.
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dug that Death Note reference in page 6.

Out of all the manga stories and settings in Bakuman, this is the one that makes people think, "I'd want to read that!"
(pretty sure takagi says something to that extent)

This is pure win! I never thought the "turning fists into various types of rock" thing had to do with otters using tools; I thought it was just more randomness! But it works! It all works!

Ohba-sensei, this is your magnum opus!
(thats right all you death note fans i said it)

the ending note says of course it wont continue lol

Wow.  Random.

It's a specials chapter to Bakuman, read that and it makes perfect sense.

Wow.  Random.

Fun read, I'd like to see some of the other in-universe comics too.
I posted this manga only 2 days ago and its popular already! -__-
They should try "Money, Beauty and Intelligence" now. 8D That's a manga I'd sure read.
lol, it's chapter 75..

and now i suddenly feel like writing fan letters to a fictional mangaka
This one this proof that Bakuman is amazing. Only Bakuman can literally make this type of manga in a manga oneshot and a new series even. They have a lot of material in it to make more.
Now I hope there will be others... :D
I wonder if Yoshida is a real editor, and not just Hiramaru's editor in Bakuman.
Ōba and Obata might get into trouble, if the "real" Yoshida saw this xD
It really happened. Wow. Now I really want to see if there will be more like this. Bakuman has enough material.
Omfg, this is awesome. Now I want some one shots of PCP and Crow... and quite a few other ones...
this is JUST FANTASTIC!!!!
just as I said xD
oooh so cool!!!
Wtf did I just read?
never expected to find a chapter of this xD I recomend it for bakuman fans, it has lots of references to otters chapters plots that apaered during the manga so maybe no-fans will be kinda lost with this. If u dont like bakuman or dont like wtf-like manga, dont read it

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