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Ouji to Houkago

Alt Names: alt After School With the Princealt 王子と放課後alt Fake Reasonalt Friends Foreveralt Shape of the Heartalt With the Prince After School
Author: HARUKI Saki
Artist: HARUKI Saki
Genres: Romance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A cute prince in uniform…! Pop & sexy!! A heart fluttering school love! This is Haruki Saki’s extremely cute first collection of short stories!
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La prima storia e l'ultima sono quelle che più mi sono piaciute!

sweet.. but i was tricked into thinking  one of them was leaning towards shoujo ai

Ah, what hairdo is cute shifts from year to year.  We think 80s hair is ridiculous now, people will think our hair is ridiculous in 2030.  I just assumed that in that fictional setting, that was cute hair.

Not bad overall, but not great either.  Third story's the best.  Fourth story--does that guy have Asperger's or what?

I'll confess—I read it because of the comments about the hair! So happy it was on the very first page!
But keep reading. Check out the hair of the MC in "Fake Reason," too. Unique.



Friends Forever is the only good one all the rest are just the regular shoujo crap that you can find everywhere. And Friends Forever is only good because it has a story that is not commonly seen in the perspective that it was shown.

Err.... "cute" wouldn't have been my first word of choice regarding that that hairstyle, but each to his own I guess..? Ok, so the first one pissed me off, but the second one was okay. Nothing spectacular, but it wasn't bad.
Meh, it's ok. I didn't like that the main character in the first one
Bunny-chan like it! =D YAy!!! for happy endings!!! \(>.<)/
Well, I don't have such a big problem with the script. I agree that these are typical school romance one-shots with the accelerated plots and such, but I didn't think they were too bad. I certainly get the hairdo comments though. But I'll attribute that to the mangaka attempting to be a little bit different in about the only way you can be in a one-shot. Overall, I enjoyed these.
Buhahaha xD, I can't stop laughing damn, this shoujo has just to many errors and typical stupid scenes!
I got fooled because of the somewhat cute cover but it totally was a trap!
Oh god, if such hairdo is cute then I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

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