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Pandemonium - Majutsushi no Mura

Alt Names: alt パンデモニウム ―魔術師の村―alt Pandemonium - Wizard Village
Author: Shibamoto Sho
Artist: Shibamoto Sho
Genres: Drama DramaFantasy FantasyRomance Romance
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A man who travels carrying a box on his shoulders, Zipher. When he collapsed exhausted, it was the inhabitant of a certain village―Domika―who rescued him. Against the opposition of other villagers, she lent her hand to him; but this village hides a big secret?!?


ISBN (1): 4091886450
ISBN (2): 4091886469
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Damn, this was good. I really appreciate the cute artwork. Some of the elements in the story seemed kind of forced, but I was tearing up on more than one occasion. 

And now I'm crying at lunch



Good read. I'm glad this is highest rated because otherwise I probably wouldn't have read it.

Chapter 4 pg 16, there is a tombstone for godzilla

Only one word can describe this: Breathtaking.

Oh my god, this was beautiful.

What a piece of work. Totally deserving of being among the "Best Rated"


Damn... I shed tears... While still working in my office on top of that...

*Gasp* hrnngnghhggngn

...my heart.

For everyone who pushed this to the Highest Rated Series, I deeply thank you for giving me a chance to read this manga mmm...
This is probably one of the best manga I've ever read mmm...~!

Manly tears well spent
This was a joy to read.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't disappointed with what I got.


A great read for when you want to feel a little melancholy. *sniffle*

Everyone's already praised the story, so I'll go ahead and praise that fox's fantastic cleavage.

I wouldn't say it's "good", but a pretty solid series.

It's too momentary for me to say it's a deep/well thought-through series, but it's at least a real 3-4 stars series (people tend to give way too many stars in rating even for trash series to have the better ones standing out in the mass of manga/webtoons/comics/whatever else) that only lacks a little more character developement and background story to get full marks.


Recommended for it being a short read, but pretty awkward for the first few chapters xD

whew what a ride

Now I know why this is in the Highest Rated Series, so frickin good!

that was a great read.....worth my times...

That was great, glad i gave it a chance.

TTuTT thank you random button

Beautiful. Worth the read.

"Random" button sometimes leads you to great stuff.  Great art and nice story :3

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