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Papa to Mama Hajimemashita

Alt Names: alt パパとママはじめました。alt Papa to Mama Hajimemashita.
Author: Ichikawa Shou
Artist: Ichikawa Shou
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: One day, Mochida found a child. But this kid is really full of strength! And then, she'll have to baby-sit with the guy she loves! That's a really big problem!!
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i don't think this mangka knows anything about child development lolol


but whatever, it was cute


as for the math... well the math sucks, the couple is cute haha

Why all the math in chapter 3? It's an awkward tone shift.

woooow so sweeeeeeeeeeet  1151262T8-0.gif

it's already ended?:|

it's weird bcs it's supposed to have the 2nd vol as it's been planned to be released in my country (i think it should be out this month) :|

Great manga, altho it is short I truly liked it and it makes for a nice quick read
*died from overdose of cuteness*

what a sweet feeling while reading this manga x)
Well solid short-story in the end. Good thing it ended quick, cause PLG is right. The baby is more a plot device to propell the relationship of the couple-to-be than an own character.
Wellll, shoujo manga with little tiny kids are generally very cute, so OK it's cute.
But it's not my favourite of this kind of thing. The baby doesn't ring true to me . . . he's a bit "off" even by manga standards. He gets precocious at just the right moments, his crying or cheer are just too conveniently timed . . . he feels like a plot device more than like a baby.
So yeah, Love So Life it ain't.
I really like these type of manga
and another things is comedy around those 2 i am done *poof*
uhmm.. something is missing like another 5 or 6 vol. around those vol. is the trial,sweetness,drama,cuteness, then see them get married noko gets pregnant see the baby... that would be awesome o.o
@Shinsei Shhhh... apparently post picture in this comment section is forbidden ..... You're been warned..... somebody gonna report on you for posted a picture .....

I dunno about this...
the baby appears mysteriously with a vague not and yet for some reason, they decide to take care of it. The characters appear very shallow too.
minus points for me
Ack.... Too........... Much..........SWEETNESS.
So cute! I really like this manga♥ this is another addition to the "Baby Manga List"
=3= well that pic failed here it is :DPosted Image
me-gusta.jpg :D
Argh cutesness overload. Rushed start, still will follow.
this is like...LSL ? its just that i like this mooore :)) so i moar :))
i cant wait to read chapter 2 ^.^
on delay :)
i want to read it but there are no chapters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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