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Paradox Blue

Alt Names: alt Angels Falling Downalt パラドクス・ブルー
Author: Nakanishi Tatsurou
Artist: Nini
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedySchool Life School LifeSci-fi Sci-fiShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: "What is the boundary between game and reality?"

The world is in danger. Strange juggernauts called "Angels" have started to appear all around the planet, presenting riddles called "Paradoxes" to whoever happens to be in the near vicinity. Answer right and your land will receive God's blessing. However, if you fail to solve the paradox be prepared to receive divine punishment...
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There you go Christia. Stop making drama during a crisis

Someone correct me if Im wrong, but



Or opposite.:)
Now we need someone who would tell


An update?!! Thanks a ton!!!

Someone correct me if Im wrong, but



The only puzzle I figured out on my own was the 2nd puzzle. i got stumped so bad with the rest of the puzzles. even google couldn't help me. @_@

cant wait for more updates!

-"Hey, you wanna send me a picture of the riddle's text? I mean, you've only been exposed to Japanese for a year and kanji has been pretty relevant to the solution thus far."
-"You worry too much silly, I got this :)"


I'm so happy someone picked up this series again!

@irenicius as long there's romance, people like me will come in the dozens

My point exactly.


Seems that the format is changing now.. the constraint of the manga magazine, got to the writer..

At the begining was a gamebook type of thing (Go to page X if you want to do YX, or Y if you want to do YZ)

Now its just give them enough hints and you compare with the solution next chapter.. and there the items... unkown what he wants to do with them..


Kinda annoying but the characters tend to do such excessive poses... I can almost see a explosion on the background and some gigantic lettering on top ...


But he is keeping interesting enough with the puzzles..

I'm glad this is getting scanlated again.

Never noticed how much I had missed this until they got to the riddle solving. Feels nice trying to solve riddles man.

yay its back :P but i forgot the characters so have to re-read a bit :P


It's alive!~

Does anyone know why this series was dropped?

Brunei? haha that's my country...am so proud of you..
It's back! And with four Angels at once, too!
This series needs to be picked up by someone!!!
when is the next realize xD
SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! Puzzle mangas rule~!!!! I hope a plot shows up soon, though. Also, I want to see more of those crystals. They seem pretty beast to me. (Immortality? Hell yeah. :D)
I agree to the comments below. I also don't think it works well as a manga format. I've seen it done before though.
It's interesting to read but would make me think twice before buying the physical copy.
@irenicius as long there's romance, people like me will come in the dozens
i find it very well done ^^ as in interesting
Humm.. the idea seemed interesting, but I think it did fail a bit for being a manga format.. romance is thrown there just to attract few more readers..

But the art is good and the puzzles/games are really well thought out.

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