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Primary: Sky Slate Blackcurrant Watermelon Strawberry Orange Banana Apple Emerald Chocolate Marble
Secondary: Sky Slate Blackcurrant Watermelon Strawberry Orange Banana Apple Emerald Chocolate Marble
Pattern: Blank Waves Squares Notes Sharp Wood Rockface Leather Honey Vertical Triangles
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Pii Natsu ga Ippai

Alt Names: alt ぴー夏がいっぱいalt 热情仲夏alt Nice Summeralt P Natsu ga Ippaialt Pi Natsu ga Ippaialt Pi-Natsu ga Ippaialt Pinatsu ga Ippaialt Summer
Author: YACHI Emiko
Artist: YACHI Emiko
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Natsume fell in love at first sight with Rui, a very handsome boy she saw near the school gate. That was the first day of the new school term, when she became the second year of her high school. Nearly at the same time she got herself a new friend, Chiyako, a very beautiful transferred student who turned out to be Rui's older sister. For some reason Chiyako was determined to be Natsume's best friend, and naturally there's no way Natsume would refuse Rui's sister--and the easiest method to get to know Rui.

Natsume soon learned (mostly from Chiyako) that besides being younger than herself and actually her kouhai, Rui was also a real, professional model, an extremely moody one. He's a spoilt person that often showed a very nasty attitude. To top it all he HATED summer thoroughly and completely. But nothing of these could kill Natsume's love for Rui. How would Natsume, the simple and plain summer girl win Rui's heart? A funny, cheerful and romantic shoujo manga from Yachi Emiko-sensei.
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It's status already Completed btw.


It took me years to realize that the act about Natsume gives Rui's dog her Valentine chocolate is actually could kill the dog... :'')

Bull Terrier, love them =D

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