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Alt Names: alt 피노키오
Author: Maru
Artist: Maru
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSupernatural SupernaturalWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: "A story of people wanting to be happy, and a boy looking for happiness."

Pinocchio follows an ordinary high school girl, Choi Ha-Ram, who stumbles upon a ghost that only she can see! As if this encounter wasn't enough to turn her life upside-down, Ha-Ram gets a new neighbour who brings with him her forgotten past.

Note: The author has explicitly split the story-line into multiple parts. These parts are represented by Vol.#.

Original webtoon from Daum: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/pinocchio

> One Winter
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/one-winter-r2410 )

Best Challenge version: http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/pinocchio-best-challenge-version-r3127
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Topic Who do you want Haram to end up with? New Window syl_chan
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Türkçe'ye de çevirin ne oluuuur :,(

uno de mis favoritos <3 

Reaallly good. thank god i decided to read this again.

So. Damn. Cute. 


As Adelaide from Guys and Dolls would say, "AND THEN WE'RE GONNA GET MAARRRIIIEEDD."

hanbit :(

Hanbit... T^T

Wait, what does ch. 80.1 means!? A sequel?!

awww the two little kids are so cuuute

it feels like I'm missing something with that last chapter. doesn't feel the connection between part 1 and part 2. nice ending, but I'm disappointed.

soooo cute <3 <3 

And everyone gets a happy ending! So good. The time skip felt a little forced, but I didn't mind it too much.




... sequel featuring Haram's brother and Hanbit's sister when?



Thanks for the chapter egscans! The end is nigh ;_;

I'm glad it ended up this way, but the way the author pulled it off is less than desirable. The flashback after the timeskip made it seem like the author was just trying to get around not being able to come up with a solid set of events to lead up to the end.


I'm so sad this series is almost over T-T at least there's one more chapter coming soon....

I like the transition into Gaon's happiness :) I'm still bawling my eyes out because Haram lost someone precious...but the important thing is that everything's mending together for the child who didn't know anything about himself. And he faced the truth like a trooper. Great character development so far! (hopefully Gaon still remembers who Haram is now...*wishes for happy ending*)

gaon.....why are you bringing me these tears now

Ok, I can understand chapters being "part 1" and "part 2". But why is this chapter 78a? Does that mean that Happiness part 2 will be 78b? Also, if that is the case, then why did the scanlator release only half of the chapter?
What are these tears ;~;
Damnit I want the rest of the chapters to come out!!! T_T I want to see what happens next sooo bad!

*sniffles* I really love this chapter! I love when Gaon said that Haram should just smack him in the face with the diary or something if he forgets. What a sad goodbye T-T

Thanks so much for the update! God this chapter was so good. Pretty sure he'll keep his memories but I can just imagine him messing with her by going "who are you?" then she proceeds to beat him up.

So...I don't mean to be the pessimist among everyone here but I get the feeling things are gonna go downhill now Haram's met the grown-up Gaon.

I would totally pay to be able to just even read the raws of this webtoon..... but no, I can't read korean, and I'm afraid that I'll never be able to read the ending, even though it ended so long ago :(

aaaaw  the latest chapter was soo cute >_<
so glad that naver didn't take this down like they did for the other webtoons 
yay  gaon came back to haram
i think he is best for her
-_- blue head has too mush drama

Naver can't take down webcomics not hosted on their site. This one belongs to Daum, not Naver.

The page of the scanlators say they have incomplete missing pages and would like some newer raws.
I also thought maybe they were gonna drop it, but they're so close! It's almost ending. And it's not discontinued, I assure you it was completed.  :)

How do you manage to miss out on pages in the raws for a webcomic...? ?_?

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