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Platinum Garden

Alt Names: alt プラチナガーデンalt 貧窮未婚妻alt 贫穷未婚妻
Author: FUJITA Maki
Artist: FUJITA Maki
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: When Kazura Enomoto’s grandfather dies, he leaves her to the son of a rich family, Mizuki Magahara, as payment for his debts. After she goes to live with him, Kazura learns that she’s not going to be working off the debts as a servant—she’s going to be Mizuki’s fiancée! Unless Kazura can repay her debt, she’s got no choice but to learn to live with her new lot in life. But no sooner has Kazura begun to adjust to living with Mizuki and going to his snotty rich school than the dark secret of the Magahara family comes to light. The head of the family has the unique power to bring back the souls of the dead—and right now the head of the family is Mizuki!
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This story sort of reminds me of Fruits Baskets, only not as deep and meaningful. But it's still pretty good.

Is this manga not finished yet? o_O

@Purple Library Guy Interesting, but that might become a tragedy where everyone die.
@PLG: Exactly.. I felt that way too.
Usually theses type of stories tend to be the better romance mangas. Rich guy tends to be not so bad, learns from the girl, makes himself better, girl learns to appreciate him better, etc etc eventually leading them to truely fall in love.
I dunno, it looks like one of those. I generally dislike the whole "The girl is forced to marry/get together with/serve the rich bastard but of course she falls for him in the end bla bla" theme. Just once I'd like the girl to be put in that situation and fall for the young gardener or something instead, and tell the rich overbearing brat to shove off.
I remember reading this a few years back until they scanlators drop it. Glad to see someone pick it up again. I guess I'll reread this again and catch up to the current release. Thank you for the chapters... ^-^

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