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Pop Team Epic

Alt Names: alt ポプテピピックalt Poptepipicalt Poputepipikku
Author: Ookawa Bukubu (Bkub)
Artist: Ookawa Bukubu (Bkub)
Genres: 4-Koma 4-KomaComedy Comedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: "There is no darkness, but ignorance."
-William Shakespeare

Popuko - 14 year-old, short.
Pipimi - 14 year-old, tall.

Currently being translated at danbooru.
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Heh, was LVL5 death ever useful? Even minor enemies had levels outside those multiples...

Pipimi and Popuko may get replaced by the third season, but they will always be number one in my heart (?

Fun chapter tho

Pretty sure "Last Chapter" was both a play on what happened the previous chapter as well as the fact that they're getting replaced.


Which is to say, put away your axe-detectors.

I'm glad everyone who missed out on the first "final chapter" now gets to experience one of their own.


This is what I expect the anime to be like.

Man, I don't know what the fuck is going on. Is it ending for real? Is it still going? Will bkub safely make it home from abroad?

Wait, what’s that about this being the last chapter?

Takeshobo need to step up their dummy game or build a stronger building if they want to stop Pop Team Epic.

Their plan was foiled the first time and now it's foiled again.

Wait, what’s that about this being the last chapter?



I'm so happy for these assholes.

Anime announced, for real.

just found this on my facebook timeline
i don't know if this true or just a hoax


I wager that the "important announcement" is nothing.


As in they don't even make any mention of anything next month.


Or the series doesn't even appear, that'd also be about right.

It's going to be anything but the anime, isn't it?

"Important announcement"


Shit's getting cancelled, isn't it?

Is that OC, CptNameless?



Is that OC, CptNameless?

I can't believe how meme this manga is until they went full meme this last chapter.


Woah, Salt-bae reference.

And the first page is "how to make sushi" meme (with a little bit of New Game!). Second page is Kemono Friends.

Woah, Salt-bae reference.


Axl Low's counter move.


Here's the Ramen Manga they parody in the last page



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