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Prince of Prince

Alt Names: alt 프린스의 왕자alt Prince of Wangjaalt Prince's Prince
Author: Je-ah
Artist: SE
Genres: Comedy ComedyWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: A chaotic comic story of two perfect men betting on the future of ‘Castle soft.’, a game creating company consisting of handsome men.
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Ch.18 Read Online
LOLScans bellaferreira 4 days ago
Ch.17 Read Online
LOLScans bellaferreira 2 weeks ago

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Kill them all, brotha! I don't care about this webtoon's genre anymore.

thought the title said 'Prince of Persia' and got excited... :(


we really need a Prince of Persia series

Eyyy, new chapter! Enjoy!


So apparently there's a Korean Drama version o_o

Did anyone watch it?

For those who wanted to know what this story is about:





Comments: yeah, I know. It's a weird set-up.

This is giving be "The Goblin"-level anticipation for its comedy.
Stay strong, YooNa!! 화이팅!

Omg, I laughed a lot while reading the first few chapters XD I already love the characters XD This looks really promising XDDD I look forward to future updates :D 

For clarification, all of LOLScans project are updated in our site.

What is this obsession with shit?
Webtoon* curse you spell check!
Ohhhhh, this edition has a korean drama based off of it! I thought this website looked familiar!

Yeeegh, that's quite a brother to have. Waaaay worse than the prologue made him seem


I get the feeling I'll be pitying the MC a loooooot 

Well, now the Korean stock market makes sense now...
She got rekt

amusing. looks promising, i need some new comedies to read.

lol that was hilarious xD

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