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Red Erewhon

Alt Names: alt Bul Geun Aeraehonalt Crimson Aerehonalt 붉은 에레혼alt The Red Aeraehonalt The Red Soul
Author: Lee Jong-kyu
Artist: Kang Jae-sin
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureFantasy FantasyRomance RomanceSeinen Seinen
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: In a time when Gods ruled with cruelty, no one dared to oppose them… A girl was offered to the wind god as a sacrifice. A tribe leader sets off on a journey of redemption while trying to save the girl and make her his wife. Kiron, while defying the Gods will, departs for a difficult journey. Will he be successful? And what kind of obstacles will the Gods throw at him?
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Forgot I read this. Not bad, too short.
Really good but something is still missing for it to be excellent!
its great, but the ending seems so rushed and leaves me unfulfilled.
too bad... the series had promise.. perhaps the author needed to end the manga... i was hoping for more
I sorta expected more from that series. Kind of a lame ending honestly...
Way too short. The ending seemed especially hurried and boring, as if the ending took place at a point the author hadn't previously intended to end it.
The wasn't really bad but it was so sudden. It's something I might expect from a low budget film.
boooooooooooo for the ending!!!
yeah....boo for the ending.
Hmmm, I've seen worse, at least it has an ending of sorts.
yea need to add comedy to its genres cause of ending
guess its over!
I like this manhwa, I'd forgotten about it ever since MT went down.
very interesting. hes the king of humans and is trying to get all the power stolen by the gods to restore human domain.
this is really good

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