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Renren Zakari

Alt Names: alt 热恋时节alt Ren-Ren Zakarialt 恋々ざかりalt 恋恋如花
Author: KONNO Risa
Artist: KONNO Risa
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: On the day of her high school entrance ceremony, Sumika, who only wants to live quietly, becomes horribly lost and ends up in the infirmary instead. Her desire for a peaceful school life is denied, however, for her hopeless sense of direction sends her on a collision course with two gorgeous guys: a playboy and a...monkey?
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I could have bet money on her ending up with the other guy. Man, this author got me.

I liked this story at first more. The girl wasn't going gaga over the guys and seem rational and serious.

But classic Konno Risa, the girl cries so much starting chapter 4 that it grates on my nerves. And she's always so depressed.

I understand feelings can make people stressed and cry, but tone it down.

I liked the guy she picked since the beginning. He seemed like a more decent person from the start anyways.

Technically she saw him first, or his 'back side' on the first day of school.

Overall, a pleasant manga in the beginning and gets insufferable, but this manga still is one of Konno's better ones.

Now I can die happily.

i like how its ambiguous till she actually chooses. No predestination involved

It's very cute! ^_^

Very cliche ,too much cliche I would say .

The art remind me of Sakisaka Io's ,I guess the only good point in the manga for me.

Ah the ending was cute .

Yup. Nice and fluffy. But it does violate a couple of 'the rules'. :D
I think this is the first cliched shoujo manga that I've read in the last few years that
Aside from that, this was entirely standard.
Well I'll be damned. I did not think she'd pick that one.
I enjoy the fact that the main character acknowledges that she has good friends, but that cattiness still hurts. So many times the attempts to portray jealousy have main characters valuing strangers over their friends in their reactions.
Is this a tragedy? The first page suggests something like that.
I like her because she's not gaga over the guys and I'm pretty excited how she's gonna handle those jelly female classmates aka "You're so plain, you have no right to hang out with them" bullies.
Also her smile is really sweet. (:

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