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Alt Names: alt ロコモコalt Loco Mocoalt Roko Mokoalt Roko-Moko
Author: Ueda Miwa
Artist: Ueda Miwa
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Hiroko never had the experience to have a boyfriend. She started recently to live with her childhood friend Tomoko who pretends that she had a lot of boyfriends…

Then Hiroko started to have feelings for Takeru who’s in the broadcasting club like her. But when she tried to approach him at the school festival she suddenly discover the truth…
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Interesante historia.


Y, aunque no lo parezca, el final si fue justo (incluso me encantó el final de la "amiga" Tomoko: se merece un novio que la tenga en ascuas- a ver si aprende esa chamaca malcriada-)

What a nice ending, all i have to say is: Thank you Chibi Manga for this quick and good work!

Well, I was uncertain but actually it worked out pretty well.  In the end I like it rather better than I was expecting; I agree with TheShawn, actually--some good character development happened.

All of the main characters of this manga actually ended up changing for the better. For such a short story, Rokomoko showcased excellent character development. I really liked this one.

getting messy but i like it that way, better than bein slow paced with no development


forbidden love is always so enticing, from vampires to agegaps to siblings to taking your friend's man.. lol

Getting messy.


Well, kind of interesting, but I'm increasingly finding the central schtick where she's lying about a boyfriend and all that, annoying.  We'll see how it goes, but if that keeps on being the big plot wonk I think I'll lose patience.  I've found myself not wanting to stick with series by this mangaka before.


In the great words of my best friend, "You stupid WHORE" (in reference to Tomoko, that bitch needs to get slapped) 


I am wondering if that other girl is going to be as mean as the other girl in Peach Girl or Papillion  - this mangaka writes some real antagonistic friends and sisters. 

whoooo loco mocos ftw!

Should have expected that. ;A; 

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