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Alt Names: alt RロックンRロールRリッキーalt Rock 'n' Roll Ricky
Author: WATANABE Jun
Artist: WATANABE Jun
Genres: Drama DramaSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSports SportsTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Rikitaro is a musician whose dream is to become a rock star just like Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison, but at the age of 27 that dream is fading away rapidly. Ooishi is a 3 time world boxing champion who recently retired and is now in the entertainment world, shooting a boxing reality show. These two unlikeliest of people cross paths one day but both of them think nothing of it until weeks later. Rikitaro is given one last shot by a record label to sign a deal but before that, they need him to get into better shape so that he is easier to sell. He stumbles upon a boxing gym which also happens to be the same gym Ooishi is filming his show. As fate’s wheels start to turn, neither man realizes that they will work together to train the best boxer ever, even better than Ooishi himself.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.10 Ch.106: Ce qui est important
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf 6 days ago
Vol.10 Ch.105: Déchirant
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf A week ago
Vol.10 Ch.104: Un monde inconnu
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf A week ago
Vol.10 Ch.103: Métamorphose
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf A week ago
Vol.10 Ch.102: Combat en 3 coups !!
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf A week ago
Vol.10 Ch.101: Démolir le mur !
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf 2 weeks ago
Vol.10 Ch.100: Le spectacle de la vengeance
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf 2 weeks ago
Vol.10 Ch.99: Avec sa vie en jeu
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf 2 weeks ago
Vol.10 Ch.98: RxR
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf 2 weeks ago
Vol.10 Ch.97: Le véritable, extraordinaire talent...
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf 3 weeks ago
Vol.10 Ch.96: L'entrée de l'enfer
Tennis no Sensei Gruntouf 3 weeks ago

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Damn this is so good I read it all in a day oh god I have finals too but its soooooo good.
I wanna box now...

Damn this is good, DAMN GOOD!, its short and fast development was also the jewel of this manga.
it got good plot, Great Characteristic and crazy development and twist.
Not gonna give u spoilers or anything, but when u open the first chapter, expect more after.

I have no doubt in my mind that this manga could have gone on for longer and still kept the quality. 

I have no doubt it would have been better if it had lasted much longer and given the side characters more of the spotlight.

I liked it, but it never managed to make me feel like it did at the start.

Furthermore I thought there would be more to


It was pretty predictable and rushed at the end, but damn that was a good manga!

Despite what everyone says, I think it ended too early and important characters were thrown by the way side. I have no doubt in my mind that this manga could have gone on for longer and still kept the quality. So, I'll have to say this manga suffered from being wrapped up too quickly because it had a strong beginning.


At least there are still 1 more series I can enjoy here from this author. :)

What...what a ride that was.


Loved it through and through. It doesn't matter that things may have gotten predictable towards the end; the journey was powerful and well-presented, which is what matters most.

I would have like to have seen Riki back in the ring or some sort of a final rival fight, but this sort of a happy end fits this series.


Thanks for the series, Endless Abyss.

so good serie fucking awesome

10000% go in my HDD THIS IS GOLD!!!
A Good Read from beginning to End .a Heart-warming story indeed
not gonna lie, i liked him better when he was filled with hatred. I guess that's just my kind of character especially when it has to do with fighting manga like this one or other martial arts manga/manwha.
What a masterpiece! I'm really glad i tried this manga out of boredom. it turned out to be really great. Kudos to Endless Abyss for picking up this amazing manga. May you continue to spread your awesomeness to everyone.

P.S That Battle of the Afros was really fantastic.
That was a really good manga, I think it ended at the perfect time. The thing with sports manga is that you can stretch them out however long you want to, they just have to keep bringing in new challenges and rivals and they can go on forever, just look at hajime no ippo because thats got like a thousand chapters. Im not saying thats a bad thing but sometimes its better to stop while the story hasn't declined just like this one did.
thank you for sharing this manga with us!
A true ending, not overstretched.

Thank you very much, to everyone at Endless Abyss, and also to the kind people who uploaded it on Batoto :)
thanks endless abyss for scanting this title. loved the manga all the way it was an awesome read. far better than some of the manga i've read lately and wouldn't be surprised if this gets an anime. people can say what they like with the ending, but at least it ended (maybe a bit rushed but its understandable).
Manga was a fun ride, the ending was okay, it gave some closure to the series but wasn't anything spectacular... Still over all this was a good read.
you know it is possible that he has a lot more wins and is probably the Japanese LW Champion or the OPBF LW Champion. I'm pretty sure that Ooshi wouldn't just let him challenge for the title unless he had a chance to take it from him.
loved the manga. ending left alot to be desired and aozora grown up freaked me out immensely love Iwamakis wife though
Sad it ended so soon but it was a good ending.
This ending beat most manga lately :D I am happy!
Thanks allot to the scanlator team!
The ending was what just I needed and wanted, I feel fulfilled.
Q.Q what a nice Ending
An alright ending to a decent manga. P.S @Vile at age 11/12 not everyone loses their baby-face or has begun to go through puberty, so the problem you chose to point out isn't really viable.
Awesome manga, thank you so much Endless Abyss for scanlating it. The ending was ok by manga standards - not spectacular but resolved more than most manga end up doing when stretched in absurdum. I'll definitely read the next work by Watanabe Jun.
The end is somewhat meh but could have been great. That's virtually the only disappointing thing about this manga. I'll explain why, but it's pretty much spoilerLESS, so no need to worry about that.

Iwamaki Aozora, (the son), is shown six years in the future at the end, but the only thing that's changed is his body stature. He still has the same goofy baby head that we all know 'physically', feature-wise, would have changed. Suffice to say, it's an awkward moment that breaks the awesomeness of the manga.

Other than that, it ends on an open note with most issues solved but could possibly have a second series.

Time will tell.

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