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Alt Names: alt さそりalt さそり 女囚701号編 (キングシリーズ 漫画スーパーワイド)alt Female Prisoner Scorpionalt Prison Break SASORIalt Prison Break Sasori - Female Prisoner #701alt Scorpion
Author: SHINOHARA Tohru
Artist: SHINOHARA Tohru
Genres: Drama DramaSeinen SeinenSmut SmutTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: A tale of one woman's revenge. After being sent to prison for attempted murder, Nami Matsushima struggles to survive torture from the guards and her cellmates, so that she can escape and take revenge on the man who's responsible for all her pain.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Please more updates.. >_<

Thanks for keeping up with this Illuminati-Manga & HappyScans!

The Japanese cannot into psychology (or these wardens can’t anyway). Insolation cells are seriously fucking with people’s minds, there have lots of studies showing this. And these aren’t short-term effects either. They continue until even after release.


Also, huh, I’ve been somewhat of an ass previously.

wow, I still don't feel like they shouldn't have checked her with a doctor. She could still be sick, couldn't she? Considering how strongly she felt about nami, it makes sense she would recognize her. 

a1oner with his woulda-coulda-shoulda again :|

“Who knows what they might have done to her in the future, better fuck them up before it can even come to that!”

If this manga ends with her getting shanked I wouldn’t be surprised.

Huh.  First time she messed with people who hadn't really messed with her.

She just wanted to be left alone. Put yourself in her position.


I mean, shit—how does one expect to get some sleep having those guys around. And yes, I’ll be seriously concerned about what that crazy chick could do to me if her fresh lover doesn’t stop looking my way.  


Sure, nothing worse or as bad as what she had experienced from her former cellmates, but still not completely unreasonable of her considering.

Huh.  First time she messed with people who hadn't really messed with her.


Welp, that kinda undermines the character.

Huh.  First time she messed with people who hadn't really messed with her.

Man, that woman is such a bitch ...

Ch.17 : Wow, things got nasty... but that mirror trick was so, so deliciously evil!


Thanks for the release, HappyScans!



The description leads me to believe this is gonna be real rapey.

Yeesh, PLG just doesn’t know when to stop ...

Best female MC in history is back !

Best female MC in history? *shudder* Let’s hope that you are wrong on this or else this is a declaration of bankruptcy for female MCs.

Damn, the last panel of chapter 15 gave me chills. Sasori still got it.

At first I didn't really like the art but now I love it, it creates an oppressive prison atmosphere very well.

Why is chapter 10 page 7 just a thumbnail?

Best female MC in history is back !

Spoilered spanking of Demut, who came out as direly needing it.
Reply to Purple Library Guy who apparently still hasn’t had enough and came back for seconds


This isn't...ACTUALLY the end, guys. This is only volume 1.

Huh, weird, yesterday someone had marked this manga as “completed” but now it’s back to “ongoing”. Any idea who that was?

This isn't...ACTUALLY the end, guys. This is only volume 1.

...talk about a lackluster ending. I was expecting another death or three, and her escape to another country with a good amount of freshly swindled money. And maybe even an epilogue about the revenge of the inmate who's 'baby' was destroyed. That's just my own fantasy ending lol. Thank you for the scans illuminati-manga and happyscans !

I need to start reading these older works simply because the comment section is full of well-written, politely argued positions from people who disagree.


Also, she's a pretty cunning schemer. I mean, damn.

Spoiler nitpicky argument/discussion with Demut.


Reply to a1oner

Also, that’s a pretty anti-climactic ending. Anyone know the reason for it?

While I can’t speak for the guy who originally incurred your ire, I can tell you a number of traits that make our remarkable protagonist just that—“awesome”: independent, confident, intelligent, resourceful, tenacious/driven, and compassionate (except to those who cross her). Most importantly (for me personally), it’s the simple fact that she is no damsel in distress. She’s as strong a female character as there is; she knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get the job done. 




Anyhow, have fun reading (into) and judging this series and its readers/commenters with your beaming self-righteousness, and just leave us—depraved sinners—to worship the devil, herself, in peace. Have a good one.

I think you are overestimating how big a problem I have with the manga itself. It is its readers that bothers me. This all started when some weirdo called her awesome. I then asked how one could consider her awesome when her desired punishment is so disproportionate. Then several others jumped in and started denying even that, going as far as claiming that death is appropriate here.

I never said that the manga should have been written otherwise or anything. I can deal perfectly fine with immoral characters in a work of fiction. It’s when strange people start idolizing those villains that I have a problem and get on my soapbox.

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