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Alt Names: alt スキエンティア
Author: Toda Seiji
Artist: Toda Seiji
Genres: Sci-fi Sci-fiSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A society where people have forgotten about ethical taboos and enjoy a life with clones, robots, body rental and drugs.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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When I first look at the page I though of Franken Fran, but as I read more and more I make me feel there is an oasis of happiest. I like this a lot. The Clone one is something I can kind connect. Then the robot just made me want to cried, but I was thinking of Chobits where female look machines could be used for ..."bed-room-stress-relief-toys" The last chapter just ties it back together. I didn't care if the most of the female looks like kaori shinohara or some variance, this is just absolutely fantastic.  

Oh man, finally someone agrees science doesn't need to blow up in our faces. Wonderful stuff.

Release of the remaining chapters is a chance to comment on the work as a whole. I agree with HDark. Although not a masterpiece, this is a good read.


We sometimes forget that science fiction is as much commentary on contemporary society as it is about  plausible futures. SF authors chose areas of knowledge or technology to extrapolate because those developments will allow them to tell stories grounded in their own experience of current society. Hence it's rare to find really new ideas, even in SF. In lieu of the new, good SF provides interesting stories and insightful implied commentary on life today. This work is good that way.


The art is kind of similar to older American comics  (or 1960s or 70s manga). It's spare and easy on the eyes, but not particularly beautiful.


My favorite story was Ch. 4 Antidepressor. In another author's hands it could have turned quite dark. Instead it makes telling comments about major depression and the human need to belong somewhere. There are insights here that are relevant to job burnout and bipolar illness as well. Humans are neurodiverse. Modern social roles, not so much.

What I like about this is that, unlike other stories with very similar (if not the same) issues explored, it tends to end in a very sensitive and positive manner. Generally manga like this explore the depravity of humans when given access to power of some sort, but this one explores the brighter side. 

While I don't find it to be a masterpiece or anything of the sort, it did move me and present things much differently than expected. Definitely worth the read.

Chapter 6 made me cry - the feels.

Wow, reading MU's description (didn't look at genre), I was expecting some GITS/Psycho Pass...positively betrayed my expectations.


Looks like Toda has many other interesting short stories, hope to see it scanlated one day!

reading description, i expected something completely different. I'm glad i didn't get what i expected.

Feel bullets ripping through me like a villian in a rambo movie T^T

i want to say thanks to Illuminati-Manga for bringing this awesome manga to us

Damn ninjas, cutting onions and shit.

Those feels . Great work !

Who could've thought that Sci-Fi+Slice of Life make such a great combo??


Might as well add the drama tag as well.


Anyway, what a great manga. I hope seeing more works from this author.

Yeah, this was happy. As in, a wonderful kind of happy. Clone had me with a huge lump in my throat, and the last story was so positive—if all else fails, make the best of your current situation and be happy. That was such a good message.

Fucking hell, my heart. It's like it's been hit by a friggin' truckload of feelings. The only thing that kept my eyes from becoming twin waterfalls was that everytime I saw the scientia tower I was reminded of Portal, for whatever reason. I will now pester some of my friends to read this.

This was far more enjoyable than I expected :o

Now I just wish there was more, but I guess that's just being greedy.

This was too short ;.;


Anyways, thanks for the uploads. I surprisingly found this enjoyable.

So, ch. 2, unashamed advocacy of better living through chemistry.

. . . What?  I'm talking about the beer.

I kinda expected these stories to end really badly, like others I've read.I'm kinda disappointed but I feel pretty vanilla right now.

woah ... nice stories

I expected this to be dystopian. Instead all the stories seem to end well.



The march of science brings new technology, and a new perspective on life.

Unlike most such works, this thing is... happy.

I feel happy reading it.


Another beautiful chapter~


Thanks for the update! (:


this is really good

read it ! So refreshing =)

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