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Screaming Lesson

Alt Names: alt 绝叫学级alt 絶叫学級alt Scary Lessonsalt Screaming Classalt Zekkyou Gakkyuualt Zukkyou Gakkyuu
Author: Ishikawa Emi
Artist: Ishikawa Emi
Genres: Action ActionAward Winning Award WinningDrama DramaHorror HorrorMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Welcome to the classes of horror! I will be your guide to a world that lurks under everyday life. For these lessons, you don't need text books or notebooks.
If you're prepared for the worst...
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Vol.12 Ch.46: 46th Lesson: Yomi-sama’s Facts -Prequel-
Cookie Revolution Scans akina. 4 days ago

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You know what sucks even more than being the oldest and not being spoiled anymore being the youngest and never be spoiled so


Also at the end really does it not make you think when he says he fell and got a black eye
I'm an only child, so I can't totally relate to the jealousy, but I do think her parents were being a bit unfair at the start. She tells her mom she won first place in a photography contest, and what's the response? Her mother tells her to clean up her sister's toys and says they're having her sister's favorite meal for dinner. They focused too much on the younger daughter who did nothing but be young and cute, while they pretty much ignored the older daughter's incredible achievement.

Of course, the older sister let her jealousy get the best of her in some cases, though. The younger sister was merely imitating her; she just took it to extremes because she was too young to understand what those actions actually meant and their consequences.

However, all in all, this was pretty much everyone's fault. Seriously, I can't get over how her parents ignored the fact she won an actual skill-based competition and kept fawning over their younger daughter instead. If they'd paid her even a little attention, congratulated her with a big hug, made her favorite dinner, etc., then she wouldn't have been so jealous and mean to her sister, and this probably wouldn't have happened.

Just. Wow.
It's really tough to be a child when your parents don't treat you equally. Especially if they have favorites, or expectations that the eldest child should act mature and be understanding that the youngest needs more/special attention, and so on.
The little sister's pretty freaky.
I think the lesson is that you should leave home sometimes and not be afraid to go into society or school. In Japan, there are people who live as shut-ins and never leave home—they can go for years at a time without leaving.
"My daughter buys Ribon. Lately, I'm interested in the horror Screaming Lessons.
Every month, the manga gives a moral lesson through horror, and I find that fascinating.
But I can't understand what is trying to be conveyed in this month's `The Friendly Apartment Complex'
Your opinion, please"

One answered: "Being able to go to school, and go out anywhere freely is a bliss."

Actually I was wondering too. I thought it was yet another "Prepare to be assimilated!" Borg style story with no real lessons.
The Home of Dolls is a really interesting take on all the doll horror stories.

@Hellion Twins, I agree with you. that bus chapter even made me shed some manly tears!
Oh my gosh, a non-mushy/sappy horror shojo manga. :o
I personally think this is a great manga and children should read this XDDD

Today's generation of children should be taught of screaming lessons XD
The last bus chapter was really nice. :3
And when they were happily going to the convenience store they got hit by a truck, splattering them across the road over a 10 meter stretch. The End. <---- True Ending.
Well. These past few chapters were pretty good, I must say. However...
Can't wait to read part II
i'm convinced now xD..........this manga is to scare bad little kinds xD...........and me -_-
my internet it's really really slow!!!!! but xD i think it's funny that......when a scene of horror it's about to load..........its shows instantly xD
Holy crap I love this. It's a manga version of The Twilight Zone :D
LOL WUT so all these girls got weapons from somewhere and walked around the school without anybody noticing and attacked a teacher, okay that makes sense they said lets stop her before she gets anybody sure even though she may be a psychopath with a scythe, also all the girls being jealous the boys just love mature women and breast
Chapter 21 lessons:
  • Kill all the teenage-attention seeking whore
  • Leaves none alive in case of creating a monster
The moral of the latest chapter seems to be.. you gotta make sure the freak is dead.
Finally a heroine who's is not bad and therefore lived ..... but is it?
Dis author scares the living hell outta me x.x But I still love the stories xD
The rock follows a certain youkai lore: It keeps getting heavier.

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