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Sekine-kun no Koi

Alt Names: alt 関根くんの恋alt Sekine's Lovealt Sekine-kun'un Aşkı
Author: KAWACHI Haruka
Artist: KAWACHI Haruka
Genres: Drama DramaJosei JoseiRomance RomanceSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Sekine Keiichiro is handsome, intelligent, and popular. He’s a jack-of-all-trades who’s loved by women. Loved, that is, until they find out he’s passionless and stoic and completely lacking in conviction. In a moment of self-reflection he starts hunting- can anything make him feel?
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Just wanted to pop in and say I had a great time translating Sekine-kun no Koi, and introducing Sekine Keiichiro -  the wet dream of almost every female, according to cookiness - into people's lives. I hope he added something to your life, as he did for mine. So, yeah, I was lurking like a creeper, reading all of your comments, and listening to feedback. Occasionally, I'd chirp in. But for the most part, I was lurking like a creeper.


We are revising the first volume to fix translation errors, so we hope that if you get bored in the future, you'll come back and reread it again. Mostly though, we're doing it for ourselves.


On a side note, I wish the magazine this series was running in didn't shut its doors. I feel like the rushed ending was due to the author wanting to give an adequate conclusion for Sekine and Sara, which came at the expense of side characters, like Doujima. 

 Huh, I honestly don't know how to feel now that it's over.


 I'm neither satisfied, nor disatisfied... Probably the best I could hope for.


 Thanks for the translation!

dammit this is sooo sweet!!!
it's like eating chocolate with a bit more cocoa than milk, yet this manga is like a big bar of chocolate... it's tooo much!!!


But not for you.

Anyway, it was kind of weird. The sudden drama/conflict syndrome (the handsome rival guy, her thinking he was talking about senpai and not her) was there, but then the sudden drama/conflict equally suddenly disappeared(the handsome rival just ended up being her friend and the senpai thing was just never addressed), so I guess they cancelled each other out?

In a modern world without video games.... We knit.

I'm so happy! My heart is exploding!

aaaww I'm so happy for you Sekine-kun <3

thank you for translating this until the end ^_^

Thank you so so much, that was a nice ending, thank god

congrats sekine-kun :') i'n happy for you

So, here I am sitting late at night 2 AM finishing this manga I started reading at 8...  And I want to know more about the side characters or a 2 year skip.



D'awwwwwww dem epilogue is cute

he's probably the wet dream of most females. handsome? check. stylish? check. successful in his professional life? check. devastating puppy dog eyes that can trigger the mother hen within females? check. loyal? check. (though i guess it's more like he has been showered with unwanted attention from females his entire life so his chances of straying are extremely small) willing to listen to his girl go on and on about stuff? check. (in my experience this is extremely important) not averse to spontaneous acts of romance? check.


glad they finally got together and it didn't drag on for hundreds of chapters. chapter 32 page 62 got me a bit worried though. if she didn't respond and in the next page, all we see is a zoom on sekine's smiling mouth, the author could've ended it with the revelation that sekine is actually a serial killer who targets females specifically as revenge for a childhood trauma of being abused by one. then in the next page we see news reports of missing women who once were acquainted with him. it fits perfectly. gives a whole other twist to the title too. dang it i'm getting paranoid.

I started reading this sooo many years ago, and stuck with it through all the time gaps, in the releases. But every time a new chap came out, I'd get giddy like a school girl, and reread the whole thing.


This time was no different. I'm a male in my late 20's, and I haven't hhnnnggg'd this hard, in years. They are a super cute couple, and I'm just sad that Doujima didn't get his girl, in the end.


Thanks for translating this awesome piece of work.

OMG thank you! This finale MADE my Valentine's Day!
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! All these years waiting for this have been worth it :')

Glad to see it finally translated, and readers satisfied.

Seikine wasn't in love with her, he was more disgusted.

It should be obvious by now that Sekine had feelings for Kazune-sempai. He would not have mentioned how he could not have "measure(d) up" to Konno if he didn't. He would not have clearly looked so displeased hanging out with them after they started dating or when they were getting married if he didn't. It couldn't have been more obvious than that. BUT she clearly wasn't meant for him because he didn't even know what his own feelings were, and thus was unable to act on them. Unlike Kazune-sempai, Sara has the ability to push him to action because in their case the feelings are mutual. Perhaps he was turned off by how skinny she was. But after translating this last chapter, it became clear to me that he was actually concerned about Kazune-sempai. She was on his mind a lot. He understood that she had suffered over something but his inability to act to try and help relieve her pain, while Konno succeeded, bothered him.

Seikine's only friend who married the girl he loved in high school.  Though this chapter makes it apparent that Konno is actually a pretty great guy.


Seikine wasn't in love with her, he was more disgusted.



(soooo. who's this konno guy again?)


Seikine's only friend who married the girl he loved in high school.  Though this chapter makes it apparent that Konno is actually a pretty great guy.

Damn Sekine! x'D Your love is hard!

Not sure if this was plan or just coincidence ...hmmmm

......shit, my heart

Fitting enough day to release!



(soooo. who's this konno guy again?)
Oh Sekine-kun, I really wished You happiness, now You got It, love You both, thanks a lot Stiletto Heels, I was surprised that it was the last one, but love It anyway!!!

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