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Senaka no Otoko (SEKI Natsumi)

Alt Names: alt Back of a Manalt 背中のおとこalt За его спиной
Author: Seki Natsumi
Artist: Seki Natsumi
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Sitting behind him in class, she only sees his back. Hana, a Gyaru, is irritated by Nioka's cold indifference toward her. But at the same time, she longs to know who he is really is, beyond the barrier of his back...

Note: 'Gyaru' reflects the average Japanese speaker's pronunciation of 'Gal' a follower of Japanese street fashion. See TL's note inside scanlation for more info.
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people being prejudiced against certain stereotypes really make me cringe.
Theoderich, cliques will be cliques. Some of them do it louder than others, but I think if you listen closely to groups of teenage girls that are a bit more "proper" you'll find they backbite about as much, just in a quiet voice and with less sloppy enunciation.
One of the most interesting, intelligent girls I ever knew was a headbanging metal chick. I'm not big on the "gyaru" style or similar styles where I live, but

It is a pretty thin story. Kinda cute though.
I liked it, nice art and characters, and this page cracked me up. Thanks for the scanlation.
Gyaru= female defacement to the max
I sympathize with the male lead + mostly this kind of "Girls" have a bad personality and make fun of everyone behind their backs (I always overhear this girls' shameless conversations on public transportation where they tend to dishonor everyone they know with a really loud voice).
This was pretty cute. Simple, but it's still nice. 8D
Pretty bad imo..
It's alright
uwaaaah so cute >.<

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