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Senpai to Kanojo

Alt Names: alt 先輩と彼女alt 先辈与彼女alt Her Senioralt My Senior
Author: NANBA Atsuko
Artist: NANBA Atsuko
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Tsuzuki Rika has just started her high school life, hoping to have a "sweet love". But she fell in love with a senpai, who's in love with another girl... no matter how hard she tries, her love is unlikely to be returned... sweet, yet painful adolescent love.
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Disappointing read overall.

I'm a sucker for heart wrenching unrequited angst stories, because the payoff (when they like them back) is usually worth it in the end.

But this manga has serious problems.

The girl becomes catty in the middle of the series, which is a huge surprise given how the main protagonist has to be a good girl, rule #1 in shoujo.

It had a hint of heroine shikkaku, but nowhere the real high school feelings and bitchiness and exaggeration.

So the protagonist becomes catty/bitchy toward the older girl, and it definitely can happen in real life, so while I was uncomfortable with that slapping scene, I understood it.

So while up till then it was all very standard and the main girl is annoying pining for her unrequited love, it's ok. I was here for the masochist heart wrenching feels, since the guy did not like her back.

But it sped up and felt like the series was cut about 5 chapters short.

The guy never showed any signs of him even having good feelings for the protagonist, let alone liking her.

He was always, always pining for his senpai, and his face always has that 'look.'

But then main girl cries and confesses she likes him no matter what, and he kisses her, even though he didn't like her.

Ok, I can accept it because he's a guy. He's following the confession atmosphere and has to feel somewhat flattered this girl likes him.

So he's just feeling the atmosphere/mood and kisses her with half hearted feelings

At this point, the mangaka did a shitty job of their interactions, so there was no way in hell he was CLOSE to liking her.

He was nowhere close to forgetting about his crush.

So yeah, he kisses her, and ask her to go out with him.

Did he consciously know/ask her out so he can forget about his crush? I mean I understand it's a crappy move, but I can understand

But what I don't understand is when his crush is finally available soon after they just started dating, protagonist saw his 'pining over crush' face and knew he still loved his crush.

So even though they dated for like a day, she breaks up with him, and lets him go to his crush.

But bam! Somehow he likes the protagonist all of a sudden?

Dude, how is that possible?

Absolutely no development from point A (unrequited) to point B (likes her) at all. It's so unbelievable because the mangaka took so much time showing us how he doesn't like her.

The pacing is terrible too.

I agree with some reviewers on MU, the last chapter felt like a cop out. It was just impossible for him to forget about TWO year crush so fast, to suddenly love another girl. The girl who isn't as pretty/attractive, mature, capable. She's a clingy, annoying crybaby who just confesses to him while she's drunk in his back.

Do you think readers and the guy himself would suddenly like such a girl? Realistically that would Never happen. At least we need way more interactions and chapters to convince us otherwise.

I would have been more satisfied if she let him go, he tries to get with his senpai but she still rejects him. The protagonist moves on with life slowly, and the guy graduates and goes to college.

We get an epilogue years later, the protagonist found finally finds a guy who wholeheartedly likes her back and has no baggage/past. She remarks that first love usually never work out, but she is happy Now. She'll remember her unrequited love as a fuzzy memory, she'll never forget but it's not as strong a memory now.

Because time fades everything away.

But the last chapter, if it was after a few more, was ok - how he looks so sad pining for the protagonist.

But it would have been so much better if it had 5 more chapters to slowly convince the readers how he falls in love with her naturally, after he was rejected by his senpai.

The thing is, even in the last chapter, he never tells her he likes her. Nothing seems genuine or sincere.

This series felt like it was cut - the length realistically, could have double the amount of chapters.

For those looking for a Good heartwrenching unrequited love story where they work hard so the other likes them back, there's None.

The only ones that come close might be: Heroine Shikkaku, Seishun Otome banchou, and maybe Strobe Edge.

Those three are completely different though in terms of style, but have some form of unrequited love.

Heroine Shikkaku would be the most realistic in that real life, we're bitches at heart who won't ever play fair or be the noble idiot and let the other side have him.

We'll try to be nice and say nice things, but inside we feel catty and selfish and twisted thoughts might pop up. That's real life for ya.

Heroine Shikkaku is not my type of manga, but it's better than this one for sure.

Skip this, or just read the first 3 chapters and read the last chapter.

You will feel unsatisfied with how random the guy miraculously likes her back...
Si è molto carino

To  give up on the happy ending.. i had to hang on

Every page of this manga is heartwrenching. If there is anything missing is a punch in Mino's face.


fantastico :D

Very cute.

Nice story


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