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Sensei, Sotsugyou

Alt Names: alt 先生、卒業alt 畢業再說愛alt 老师、我和健人君
Author: SHIINA Chika
Artist: SHIINA Chika
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Collection of oneshots:

1) Sensei, Sotsugyou

2) Sensei, me and Kento-kun

3) Koi ni Ochita Sagishi-kun

4) Ao no Binetsu extra edition side: Yoshioka
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3.5 is a short based on Ao No Binetsu, another work of the Mangaka.

(It's dark, twisted, pretty non-nonsensical not very deep and I wouldn't suggest looking more into it than I have. It's also not here, on Batoto.)

Watch the spoilers, PLG.


The first story was alright but had little impact. There was no real reason shown for the two characters to care for one another and neither one really stood out as exceptional.

The second story was fine and had a funny twist at the ending, so I felt it was the best of the three.

The third story was about two scumbags and a nut job. None of the characters were at all endearing and I felt no sympathy for the female lead in spite of the supposed family pressure on her. I felt badly about the Kaori character until the end and it was sad that she was essentially turned into a joke. Bad story is bad.


3.5 was a side story for another series that had nothing to do with the collection so it was impossible to follow.

Huh.  First story is dead simple cliche shoujo.  Second story . . . as people say, twist pretty funny, but otherwise basically simple shoujo.

Third story . . . is something completely different.  More like a twisted josei, and all in all, pretty dashed funny for something where someone gets stabbed in the gut with scissors.

3.5 story I don't totally understand, I guess you have to have read this thing it's an extra from.

That first one was REALLY stupid..

The second one was pretty stupid too, but LOL that twist.

Not even gonna read the third one, I've had enough ):

Haha that second chapter was ridiculously hilarious! Certainly wasn't expecting that twist in the end, but a fun fun read (⌒▽⌒)

I think that blushy lady's been reading too much shoujo manga 

Megane onee-san school nurse ? Ah yeeeeeeeeee.

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