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Alt Names: alt 屍鬼alt Corpse Demonalt Shi-ki
Author: ONO Fuyumi
Artist: FUJISAKI Ryu
Genres: Drama DramaHorror HorrorMystery MysterySeinen SeinenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Sotoba is an old-fashioned Japanese village nestled deep in the mountains. It has a small population of about 1300, and the villagers strictly follow age-old traditions and customs.
One sweltering hot summer, a mysterious and deadly disease begins to spread rapidly among the villagers, affecting young and old alike. Following these puzzling deaths, a family of beautiful and elegant individuals moves into the abandoned 'Kanemasa' mansion on the hill-side over-looking Sotoba...
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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What's is worth fighting for, are words that sums up this manga/anime best in my opinion. 
Didn't quite get (when it was aired/released) why people tended to side with either humans or vampires in the comments/forums/chats, i guess the monk Seishin was put to say fighting is bad but is that really it...?
Was kinda letdown that the main vampire girl Sunako, monk Seishin and Ozaki the doctor didn't uhm, end up different but once again, what's it worth fighting for you?

Read this over the course of a week. The medical details felt very well-researched, and I could empathize with Ozaki over his despair and obsession with finding the cause of the epidemic. If I could read Japanese, I'd probably order a copy of the original novel to compare the two. 

I had some Stephen King vibes come from this. Somewhere between 'Salem's Lot and the Tommyknockers.

While the story is interesting at first, I lost my will at 4th volume. I feel the reveal about 'disease' too clear, yet the pace, which better to reach climax that time, too slow (5 more to go!). And just like that... I was too lazy to continue...

decided to read this since i watched the anime a few years ago when it was still airing. and holy cow...i'm kinda sad it ended, and i was pretty sad about some of the people who died. I was hoping they would come back (coughtyuukicough)  but i'm very happy that:

well it was a nice read nonetheless.

The premise of the story Is intriguing and rather refreshing. The story has a certain draw to it that kept me reading chapter after chapter. Unfortunately, the characters destroy any suspension of disbelief I had.  It’s been a while since I’ve encountered such an entirely retarded cast of characters. I feel the story could have ended in 10 chapters if only the characters had a minimal IQ of 80. The characters are rather bland with limited development, but not completely uninteresting. For example, the bond between Natsuno and Tooru was fun to read about. It’s a tragedy that it wasn’t further explored though. So many characters were introduced, then killed off without elaboration that 95% o f the cast was forgettable. The main characters suffer an overabundance of topes and lack depth. The art is passable, but won’t win any awards/ At times, the characters’ bodies are so elongated that you wonder if the artist drew this while laying down. Overall the manga felt shallow and predictable with a dew redeeming qualities. 5.5/10

This was pretty nice.

Glad I decided to finish reading this before pre-ordering the Blu-rays. Another series where the humans needed to lose, but won.


Only characters I liked were Megumi and Sunako.

Unpopular opinion time, since I've seen a lot of love for this series.

I just couldn't get into it. The characters never interested me, the plot felt like it was dragging itself to try and stay relevant, and the conclusion was poorly handled. I read it all, and while I can't say it was the worst thing that I've ever read, it's nowhere near good enough to receive the praise it has received.


I give it a 3/10.

9/10, really great. Except for the fact, that sometimes events are kinda messed up so it's hard to get used to it at the beginning and almost every cliffhanger gets continued with some unrelated story.

great take on the vampire theme. 7/10 ; )
Having people with empty eye sockets popping up out of nowhere every few pages is probably going to make it impossible for me to sleep tonight.
I didn't like the beginning, but it's pretty gripping as it gets further on. The anime adaptation is really good too, and pretty faithful.
Read it all in one go. It's quite entertaining.

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