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Shikii no Juunin

Alt Names: alt 叛逆思春期alt Dwellers on the Thresholdalt Inhabitants of the Thresholdalt 敷居の住人
Author: SHIMURA Takako
Artist: SHIMURA Takako
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Chiaki Honda is a middle-school boy who neglects his studies. Furthermore, he smokes, and has dyed his hair a bright green. One evening at the arcade, a girl challenges him to a match. The girl, who straightforwardly introduces herself as Nanako Kikuchi, suggests a bet, nonchalantly wagering her body for Chiaki's watch. Chiaki is soundly defeated, and he goes home fuming.

His life goes on, of course. The next day, he meets a strange young man on the train who looks an awful lot like him. And eventually he runs into Nanako again.
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"Whether it`s meeting people or simple faith, when it comes to those hings, I`m pretty, well, I probably have shit luck!"  LOL That`s no brainer lol

Am I the only one who thinks this series isn't better or worse than Hourou Musuko? True, Hourou is a little long-winded and wanders (bad pun, but it's true) without direction, but I get a better sense of the side characters than in Shikii, which throws characters around willy-nilly. Both create a different atmosphere; the sense of aimlessness is (I believe) intentional in both series, with Nitori in Hourou searching for a path, and Chiaki from Shikii taking things as they come.

Also, Kaneda-sensei shows up in Hourou Musuko, where he's grown up (matured) a little.The series take place in the same "world".
It's quite fun. But really, what is with that teacher guy? Does he think he's still bloody fifteen, or something?
I`m not sure who done it,but thanks. Ch14 was great.
Sorry--Aoi Hana is listed on Batoto under the English name Sweet Blue Flowers.
I tried to read Hourou Musuko and couldn't keep it up. It was . . . nice, I guess, and a sympathetic and fairly realistic portrayal of the whole crossdressing thing (unlike a lot of the "woohoo, sexy trap!" stuff you get). But it didn't seem to be going anywhere; basically it was kind of boring. After reading a few chapters I just didn't feel like reading more.
But Aoi Hana, also by Shimura Takako, is in my opinion really good (if you like Yuri, which I do). The characters and the conflicts seem more interesting, the emotions stronger; the plot might wander around a bit, but there is still a feeling that something is going somewhere.
Hopefully this is more like Aoi Hana and less like Hourou Musuko. Guess I'll find out now.
The earlier work of Shimura Takako,which is actually better than the famous Horou Musuko. Not sure about the plot(since there are only 13ch,and it wasn`t updated for more than half year) ,but characters in SnJ seem more vivid and amusing. On the other hand Horou Musuko had already burned out,and shows absolutely no progress at all. Wish some responsible scan group pick it up,since SnJ is one hell of a worhy manga.

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